Death of Chance Perdomo: Tributes Patrick Schwarzenegger pays tribute to Gen V co-star after shock death at 27 in motorcycle crash

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Chance PerdomoHis loved ones and co-stars are in mourning and many are paying tribute to him Sabrina’s hair-raising act And Gen V Actor dies of shock,

Perdomo, best known for playing Ambrose Spellman in Supernatural Netflix series and andre anderson prime video‘S boys By-product, Died in a motorcycle accident over the weekend, He was 27 years old.

“It hurts. A lot. A young talented actor and a good friend – gone too soon.” Arnold Schwarzeneggerson of patrick schwarzenegger written on x (formerly Twitter) his late Gen V Co-star.

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Patrick Schwarzenegger (right) paid tribute to Chance Perdomo (center) with a series of photos shared on his Instagram Story. Here, she is pictured with Gen V co-star Jasmine Sinclair. (Instagram)

Schwarzenegger, who played Perdomo’s on-screen best friend Luke Riordan/Golden Boy in the series, continued: “He was a pleasure to work with.” Gen V, RIP Chance ❤️❤️❤️”.

She also shared a series of photos of herself instagram storyWith the final message: “Love you buddy. Hope you’re in heaven with a cigar.”

When a fan shared a photo Gen V Showing Schwarzenegger and Perdomo’s characters embracing, he replied: “Oh, that brought tears to my eyes.”

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New Zealand actor Antony Starr, who plays Homelander boys and appeared in Gen VThe finale of the first season of, written on instagram story On Perdomo’s death: “Very sad.”

The star issued a statement and shared Gen Vwhich began: ”We can’t bow our heads over this. To those of us who knew him and worked with him, Chance was always charming and smiling, a spirited force of nature, an incredible He was a brilliant artist. And most of all, a very kind, loving person.”

“There is no point even writing about him in the past tense,” the statement added.

“We are deeply saddened by Chance’s family, and we are grieving the loss of our friend and colleague. Hug your loved ones tonight.”

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Patrick Schwarzenegger, Chance Perdomo
Perdomo, pictured with his co-stars on the set of Gen V, played Andre Anderson in The Boys spinoff series. (Instagram)

boys, jack quaid, Karen Fukuhara And erin moriarty It also reshared Prime Video’s tribute on its Instagram account over the weekend.

Sky Marshall, who played Mambo Marie Lefleur Sabrina’s hair-raising actalso shared a long tribute to his co-star.

Marshall’s message, shared InstagramBegan: “27 💔 No, not likely. I don’t want to believe it.”

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Chance Perdomo and Sky Marshall
Perdomo’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina co-star Skye Marshall also shared an emotional message paying tribute. (Instagram)

“Chance was my baby. A kind, precious man who is exceptionally talented, very intelligent, lovingly embracing, energetic, a bright force of nature with a beautiful vibrant soul and a bright child-like smile, marching to the beat of his own drum. Grooves to the beats,” he added. ,

“We both jump with joy whenever we see each other. We last spoke last month and my last words to her were, ‘I love you!’ And he knew it. I am in a state of shock and devastation, as are many people. I am not prepared to endure this pain.

“Sending love to his entire family, his amazing mother, who I know is devastated, [Chilling Adventures of Sabrina] Friends and fans are mourning this huge loss. Please don’t take a day of your life for granted! I love you Chauncey Pooh,” she concluded.

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Sambhavna Pedomo
Perdomo, pictured in June 2023, died as a result of a motorcycle accident over the weekend. He was 27 years old. (Getty)

perdomo died His representatives confirmed this on Saturday (Sunday in Australia), which said his death was “the result of a motorcycle accident.”

“Authorities have advised that no one else be involved,” the statement said. His passion for the arts and his insatiable appetite for life were felt by all who knew him, and his warmth resonated with them as well. Will remain the one he loved the most.”

“We ask that you please respect the family’s wishes for privacy as they mourn the loss of their beloved son and brother.”

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