Dave Coulier shares heartfelt voicemail ‘Full House’ co-star Bob Saget left him before his death

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Dave Coulier shares heartfelt voicemail 'Full House' co-star Bob Saget left him before his death

dave coulier Reflecting on the deep friendship he shared with the late Bob Saget,

In a poignant moment on the latest episode of Coulier’s podcast, full house rewindThe 64-year-old actor shared a voicemail left by his late entire house Co-star and friend before his untimely death in 2022. The message, recorded after the death by suicide of Culyer’s brother, Dan, shows Saget’s compassion and support for his friend during a difficult time.

Joining Saget’s wife, Kelly Rizzo, on the podcast, Coulier took some time to reflect on his memories of Saget, reflecting on the deep bond shared between the cast of the beloved sitcom.,

“When my brother Danny took his own life in 2021, Bob was the first person to call me and leave a voicemail,” Collier revealed. “It was an audio hug. I love Bob and he loves me. I’d like to close this episode by playing the voicemail message that Bob left for me. Maybe someday you’ll meet someone like that. Express the same compassion for the person you love.”

The emotional voicemail played for listeners demonstrated Saget’s genuine concern and affection for Culyer. “I know this isn’t the time to call, but I’m right here 24 hours a day, right here,” Saget’s voice was shaking with emotion. “I love you, Dave, and I’m so sorry, Dave. I loved her. I’m so sorry. That’s why I’m here. I’m here 24/7, just call me any time. No need Stay right now, could be a week, any time. I can just talk and listen to you. I love you so much.”

Saget, who played patriarch Danny Tanner entire house And fuller house With Joy Gladstone of Coulier, died tragically On January 9, 2022, due to head injury. He was 65 years old.

Coulier recalled Saget’s profound capacity for affection on his podcast, describing him as “the greatest hugger ever.” Encouraging the audience, he stressed the importance of expressing love and compassion towards their loved ones. “Don’t miss an opportunity to tell the people you care about that you love them,” Collier urges.


courier And Candace Cameron Bure spoke with ET’s Rachel Smith at ’90s Con in March 2023, where she dished about the real-life family stars entire house Off-set is made.

“We message each other a lot and stay connected, but I think it was a memorial to Bob (Saget) for all of us,” Coulier said last fall. the whole group was together,

Bure continued, “But Dave doesn’t live in California anymore. So, we all see each other more often than we see Dave. But we were all together at Jody’s wedding. And Andrea (Barber) And I, we just kinda hang out all the time. I was just last month with John (Stamos) and Lori (Loughlin). We had dinner with Kelly [Rizzo],

Having been there for each other through good and bad times, Coulier said the group’s chemistry started from the first day on set.

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“I think you either have that chemistry or you don’t, and we had that from day one,” Coulier said. “We all connected with each other.”

He continued, “I knew Bob from my stand-up days, so we were already friends. I met Bob when I was 18, at a club in Detroit. John and I became friends immediately. Gone. And the children…”

Bure interjected, “And you guys were wonderful adults who were so welcoming to hug us and hang out like we were kids. Dave took me to the circus when I was 12. He took me to my first hockey game. Took in the game. And it’s all set. So, they were just like real uncles, real fathers, real friends. And it built up over time.”

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