D’Arcy Warden on Ted Danson’s new Netflix show and a possible ‘Good Place’ reunion on his podcast (Exclusive)

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D'Arcy Warden on Ted Danson's new Netflix show and a possible 'Good Place' reunion on his podcast (Exclusive)

D’Arcy Carden is set to hold a mini-reunion of good place But ted danson And mike schur‘s new comedy show, a classic agent,

Speaking to ET on Monday, the Emmy-nominated actress, 44, opened up about her new podcast, wikiholeAnd among the celebrity guests he’s lined up for the show, some of his Barry, broad city, And good place co-stars. The audio series follows a host of notable names such as Carden Kumail Nanjiani, adam paley, ellie kempeAnd much more in this Wikipedia-inspired trivia game, jumping from one wiki page to another and testing contestants on their random knowledge.

For shotgun wedding star, when it comes to fetch good place producer, 48, and to encourage With the 76-year-old alumnus on his show and vice versa, it’s more about timing and working out the details than anything else. She tells ET she would “definitely” add Danson to her wikihole And right now she’s thinking about who she can play against Shur for an episode, referring to In danger! Winner/host Ken Jennings as a possible contender. Jennings was in the same episode $100,000 pyramid As of 2023.

Cardon says the close friendship and working relationship he has maintained with Schur, Danson, and the rest of the cast since the hit NBC series ended in 2020 ultimately makes him optimistic about joining the new Netflix show, Even in a guest role.

“I think potentially,” Carden says of attending. a special agent, “Mike Schur likes to work with people over and over again so I think – the odds are always in my favor… I’m hoping for a small spot.”

‘The Good Place’ stars Manny Jacinto, William Jackson Harper and D’Arcy Warden with series creator Mike Schur – getty images

These possibilities increase exponentially when one remembers that of the cast announced so far for the new series, three additional actors outside of Danson are featured players. good place. Filling out the cast are Eugene Cordero, Mark Evan Jackson and Jama Williamson. The three actors have also appeared in Schur’s two other major shows, brooklyn nine-nine And parks and Recreation, For those shows, Schur served as executive producer alongside Dan Gore and Greg Daniels, respectively.

“I’m such a big fan of Mike Schur that, you know, I can’t believe I got a chance to be on his show,” Carden tells ET. “He’s as nice, wonderful, funny and cool in person as you’d expect him to be, just like the real deal. I would literally follow him to the ends of the earth.”

In January, Netflix first announced Danson and Schur were working together for the detective comedy, which follows a retired man who becomes a detective in an investigation into a San Francisco retirement residence. Artists also included brooklyn nine-nine Star Stephanie Beatriz, Gilmore Girls Actress Sally Struthers, It’s always sunny in PhiladelphiaMary Elizabeth Ellis and others.

Ted Danson and D’Arcy Warden as Michael and Janet on NBC’s ‘The Good Place’ – NBCUniversal via Getty Images

However, until he gets that call, Cardon is focusing all his energy on both his podcast and his new film, broomstick, which recently premiered at SXSW and stars Susan Sarandon, Shameik Moore, Paul Reiser, Jay Ellis, Jackée Harry, and Adam Brody. The film opened to great reviews Diversity It was called “the fast and boisterous broad comedy that has been largely missing from multiplexes in recent years.”

The actress – who earned her first Emmy nomination for playing Janet good place – He says the upcoming film is “so crazy” that he almost didn’t play the role. Against her “better judgment”, she joined the project and described it as “the most fun thing” she had ever done.

“It’s a bowling comedy where I play a character named Skunk, and we had a lot of fun. I can’t believe people are going to watch it,” says Cardon. “It’s such a wild script, it’s so crazy – it’s the craziest script I’ve ever read in my life.”

The film has not yet received a theatrical release date after premiering in March.

D’Arcy Carden at the SXSW premiere of ‘The Gutter’ in March 2024 – getty images

Lack of release date for broomstick Only recently does the Broadway alum (she made her debut thanksgiving play in 2023) Another opportunity to promote your new podcast. like how she would pitch wikihole As for potential listeners, Carden says it’s the perfect project for people who want to learn something and have fun doing it.

“I think playing trivia with funny people is a perfectly apt description,” she says. “It’s funny or interesting that it mirrors what we do in real life with the Internet, and especially Wikipedia.”

Cardon pointed to his own “Internet-induced ADHD” as inspiration for the show, saying that instead of viewing the situation negatively and considering it a problem, he found the solution obvious: turn it into a competition. Give.

“How many times a day do you find yourself going to your phone or your computer to look up something and then, like, five minutes, 30 seconds, 30 minutes later you say, ‘How did I get here? How did I get here?’ Start… What was I watching again?’” “This is something we do every day so we thought we’d make a really fun game show about it,” she says.

When it comes to her own Wikipedia page (which she says she doesn’t check), in addition to meeting her husband at Disneyland and the fact that she used to come in for Bill Hader before they worked together Were. BarryThe actress joked about another incredible (and completely made-up) piece of news she wants to add to the website.

Cardon quipped, “D’Arcy has rescued more than six infants from burning buildings – separately, six different burning buildings – and is recognized as a hero across the country. ” “One of the cities was San Francisco, three in New York – it’s crazy here – and then one was in Tulsa. And if you want to go into Tulsa’s Wiki Hole, you’ll see that Bill Hader is from Tulsa.”

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