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joe flaherty He died late on Monday, April 1 at the age of 82. The comedian starred in many classic films and shows from the 70s to the 90s. Following the news of his passing, tributes poured in from many of his co-stars and others who looked up to him for his years of work.

Joe’s obituary was shared Mad Man star joel murraywho acted with him in the 1986s A crazy summer. “We have lost another of our idols. RIP Joe Flaherty,” he Tweeted, jennifer tilly Also shared memories of working with him x, “Joe Flaherty played my father wrong man, I was very excited to work with him. His performance was absolutely perfect. A great comedian. Gone too soon,” she wrote.

American comedian Joe Flaherty on stage during Second City's 25th anniversary show
Paul Natkin/WireImage

About a month after Joe’s passing, members of the iconic improv comedy group, Second City, held a fundraiser to support Joe while he was ill. 800 Pound Gorilla Media. buddy comedy icon martin short A statement about the fundraiser talked about how the actor’s health had declined. “Our beloved SCTV cast member, Joe Flaherty, is very ill. Joe is aware of the seriousness of his declining health and would like to spend whatever time he has left at home rather than in a facility,” he said. “We are writing to our friends because we believe sctv It means something to you, and it wouldn’t be the case if it weren’t for Joe Flaherty. He was a guide, a director, and an inspiring reformer who gave us many of the tools we are still using in the careers he helped kickstart. And he made us all laugh! We believe you will want to learn about Joe’s condition and, perhaps, even contribute to his home care.”

Born in Pittsburgh in 1941, Joe’s comedy career began in Chicago’s famous Second City. After spending time in Chicago, he moved to Toronto, and he was part of the original cast of the cult-classic sketch comedy show SCTV. This series ended in 1984.

In addition to his sketch work, Joe starred in various sitcoms and films. He played small roles in several classic films, such as appearing as a Western Union employee Back to the Future Part II. He also played the role of heckler during a big game happy Gilmore, In 1999, he joined the cast of freaks and Geeks Where he played the role of father Harold Weir. This is one of his most famous performances.

Joe’s final acting credit came in 2014, when he appeared as his beloved character Count Floyd in the short film. Nightlife.

the actor was married Judith Dagley For 22 years, but they got divorced. The couple had two children: gabriel And Gudrunwho is also an actress and writer TV line.

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