Colin Farrell reacts to the rise of Irish actors including Barry Keoghan in Hollywood (Exclusive)

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Colin Farrell reacts to the rise of Irish actors including Barry Keoghan in Hollywood (Exclusive)

To Colin FarrellIt’s not the luck of the Irish to thank for the recent rise in popularity of the country’s actors.

Speaking to ET’s Cassie DiLaura in anticipation of her Apple TV+ series, SugarFarrell, 47, said he was not surprised to see so many of the Emerald Isle’s actors achieve notoriety, including Barry Keoghan, Andrew Scott, paul mescal even more. Zooming out, Ireland is also responsible for giving the world Oscar nominees Saoirse Ronan, cillian murphy And Liam Neeson,

Banshees of Inishrein The star says it’s “amazing” for an island only 33,000 square miles in size to have so much talent and proves the country has a deep history of storytelling, whether it’s on screen, in music or in any form. Venture into other artistic endeavors.

“I mean, we punch way above our weight, you know? We’re only a country of five million people and I don’t know, Irish people – just whether it’s through music, through the written word. Be it through prose, poetry, film, theater, certainly, we — we have a deep connection,” Farrell said. “I just think about the importance of story and leaning into those stories and the meanings that come with them.” We understand ourselves and the world around us.”

It follows Murphy’s historic win in the Outstanding Lead Actor category at the Oscars in March. peaky blinders The 47-year-old alum became the first Irish-born actor to claim the prestigious award for Christopher Nolan’s lead role. oppenheimer, Farrell and Murphy previously worked together in the 2003 film pause,

Colin Farrell, Kelly Macdonald, Cillian Murphy and Shirley Henderson at the 2003 premiere of ‘Intermission’ – getty images

Similarly, Farrell pointed to Keoghan, a 31-year-old Dublin native whose recent credits include major blockbusters from the likes of Marvel. eternal and Emerald Fennell’s Academy Award nomination saltburn, In that film, Keoghan played the film’s lead character, alongside Jacob Elordi and Rosamund Pike. He also recently starred in his own Apple TV+ series alongside Austin Butler and Callum Turner. lord of air,

“Barry is off to the races,” Farrell said of his friend and Irish compatriot. “He’s killing it, he’s doing amazing.”

It’s especially fun to watch, he says, not only as a friend and fellow countryman but as someone who has worked with him on many occasions. The pair worked together in the 2022 film, Banshees of Inishrein, which garnered eight Oscar nominations and four BAFTA wins. They also starred together in Yorgos Lanthimos killing of a sacred deer In 2017.

Colin Farrell and Barry Keoghan – getty images

“He’s great, he’s doing amazing work,” total Recall the actor said. “I saw him last week for the first time in about a year and he seemed to be in great form, so it was great to see him.”

The pair have been cruising these days as they each work on promoting their new film and television projects, including their respective Apple TV+ shows. For his part, Farrell plays a private investigator obsessed with film in the noir-inspired drama, which also stars Nate Corddry, Amy Ryan and Kirby Howell-Baptiste.

The show is based on his character, John Sugar, who is contracted to help find the missing granddaughter of a major Hollywood producer. As he continues to search, as he learns more about the family, the case escalates from disappearance to disappearance. Farrell says the show uses a new angle to examine the classic genre that attracted him to the project and inspired him to play the lead character.

“I’ve loved noir films for many years. I’ve enjoyed a lot of them, the private detective trope is always interesting because it raises questions of purpose – meaning which side you’re on, good and bad,” They said. “Private detectives are generally – in the world of noir – hardened. They are usually somewhat bitter or weary of the ugliness they have seen in the course of their work and this guy was not.”

Watch a Trailer for Sugar In the player below:

The first three episodes of Sugar Releases on Apple TV+ on April 5. Subsequent episodes will come on Friday.

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