Climate protesters throw soup on Monet painting in French museum

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Two climate protesters throw soup on a Claude Monet painting at the Musée de Beaux-Arts in Lyon, France, on Saturday afternoon.

Monet’s 1872 work was the target of environmental activists spring (Spring). While the painting was protected by glass, the museum told World That it “will still undergo close inspection and restoration.”

The Musée de Beaux-Arts also said World That she would file a complaint for vandalism, and that both activists were arrested.

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The protesters wrote the words Riposte Alimentaire (Food Response) on their T-shirts, the same group that threw soup at the Mona Lisa in the Louvre in Paris earlier this year.

A video of the Lyon incident Posted by Riposte élémentaire depicts two persons, identified as Ilona and Sophie, who are spraying soup on Monet and raising their right hands.

“If we don’t respond, this spring will be the only spring we have left,” the protesters say. “What will our future artists paint? What dreams will we have if there is no spring?”

On X, Riposte Elementaire wrote That he loved art. “But our future artists will be left with nothing to paint on the burnt planet,” the group wrote. “In a world of many conflicts, they will no longer dream. We still have a choice. We have to wake up and protest.”

Lyon Mayor Gregory Doucet acknowledged the protests post on x, While he expressed regret about it, and offered his support to the staff who were forced to close part of the museum, Doucette also said, “But facing the climate emergency, the concern is legitimate. “We respond to this with firm action.”

on its websiteRiposte Alimentaire calls for a sustainable supply of healthy food for all through various proposals, including monthly food cards, changes to the country’s agricultural model, and “ensuring a dignified life” for farmers.

Riposte Alimentaire is part of a larger coalition of protest groups known as the A22 movement; That coalition also includes Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil, two groups whose members have spent the past few years sticking themselves to artifacts and throwing food into pieces at museums.

Before Saturday’s protests, environmental activists in Germany threw mashed potatoes at a workplace in the 1890s hone (Haystacks) while it was on loan to the Museo Barberini in October 2022. The painting was bought at an auction ARTnews Top 200 collector Hasso Plattner for $110.7 million in 2019. hone Was also protected by glass.

Last June, two climate activists painted red paint and stuck their hands on Monet’s protective glass Artist’s Garden in Giverny (1900) when it was on display in the National Museum in Stockholm. “It was being shown as part of an exhibition.”The Garden – Six Centuries of Art and Nature”Through loan from the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, which acquired it in 1983.

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