Christine Quinn granted temporary restraining order against husband Christian Dumont

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Christine Quinn granted temporary restraining order against husband Christian Dumont

christine quinn has been granted a temporary restraining order against her estranged husband Christian Dumont.

According to court documents obtained by ET, Dumont has been ordered to stay away from Quinn and their 2-year-old son, Christian, at least until his next court hearing date of April 17. The court order states that Dumont cannot keep his ownership. , take, buy or attempt to buy, obtain or attempt to obtain, or obtain in any other way, any prohibited item such as guns or ammunition.

Within 24 hours of receiving the restraining order, Dumont must sell or store at a licensed gun dealer or turn over to law enforcement any prohibited items in his immediate possession or control. Dumont is prohibited from “harassing, assaulting, striking, threatening, assaulting (sexually or otherwise), hitting, stalking, stalking, stalking, harassing, destroying private property, surveilling, impersonating, blocking movements, phones or other Harassing or harassing by electronic means is not permitted. Disturbing the peace.”

DuMontet must live at least 100 yards from Quinn and their son, and that means he can’t be near her home, workplace, car or children’s school or child care facility. DuMontette also has to move out of the family home in the Hollywood Hills immediately. Dumont must also stay away from Quinn’s two Yorkshire terriers – Bubby and Teddy.

In her request, Quinn requested for custody of her son but the court denied that request until they could discuss the case at an April 17 hearing. The estranged couple have also been ordered to attend Family Court Service mediation regarding custody of their son. The court order was signed by the judge on March 28, a day after Quinn filed paperwork Request for a temporary restraining order. Recently he was spotted in Los Angeles, where he changed engagement ring Dumont gave it to him.

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The court order comes more than two weeks after Dumont was arrested for alleged assault with a deadly weapon. About 48 hours later, Dumont re-arrested To go to his and Quinn’s Hollywood Hills home.

as and previously reported, Quinn claimed in her temporary restraining order request that the arrest was caused by Dumont having a tantrum when she tried to talk to him about the family’s expenses. She claimed that she was “becoming dissatisfied with his lack of financial contribution and the lack of effort he has made to be a true partner.”

At that point, Quinn claimed, he became angry and began throwing things at her, including decorative items that contained metal rods. She also claimed that Dumont began urinating on the floor and threw dog feces on her.

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According to the court filing, Quinn claimed that the marriage had been going poorly for some time, and this ordeal convinced her to leave DuMont for good. She claimed that she had secretly begun planning to move in with her son on March 19, the day Dumont was arrested for alleged domestic violence. Paparazzi later photographed Dumont being escorted out of the family home by police.

Before his arrest that day, Quinn claimed that he had started packing his things when DuMontet burst into the bedroom and started yelling. She then claimed he threw a bag full of recyclables at her, but hit their son instead. Quinn claimed the recyclable bag contained glass and alleged that when her son started screaming, she ran out of the room with her son and called 911.

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