Cher’s daughter-in-law opens up about her rocky relationship

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Shocking details emerge of Cher's alleged involvement in the kidnapping of her 47-year-old son Elijah

mariangela king She is telling all the things about her bad relationship with her mother-in-law, variable,

The two were recently involved in a legal battle over guardianship over Elijah Blue Allman – Cher’s son and King’s husband. Conservatorship was ultimately not granted, a result King said he was “happy about”.

King had previously accused the singer of hiring four people to kidnap her own son and prevent him from accessing some of her assets.

How the COVID-19 pandemic affected Mariangela King and Cher’s relationship


Mariangela King’s issues with music icon Cher are making headlines. The two were engaged in a court battle primarily revolving around establishing guardianship over 47-year-old Eliza.

Although things may seem pretty hopeless for them at the moment, there was a time when they had mutual admiration for each other. in an interview with daily Mail, King remembered such moments, especially the first time they crossed paths.

“She was beautiful; she was wearing all black and had rhinestones on her top. I remember thinking how small she was, at least a head smaller than me. And one of the most famous women in the world Despite being one, she was actually quite shy. Raja told publication,

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According to King, Cher seemed very pleased with him during their initial meeting and gifted him a handmade, light brown scarf. King also claimed that Cher already had a feeling she would be his daughter-in-law, citing how “obvious” it was that she and Eliza loved each other very much.

However, things changed between the couple and Cher during Covid-19 pandemic When they decided to stay in his mansion. According to King, the singer took safety precautions to the next level at that time, which created tension in the house because it was not her “cup of tea”.

King said she visited family abroad after COVID restrictions were lifted and during that period, her husband had a relapse and began “using” drugs again.

Mariangela King was reportedly prevented from seeing her husband

Shocking details emerge of Cher's alleged involvement in the kidnapping of her 47-year-old son Elijah

King told the news outlet that upon returning from her trip, she asked to meet her husband and was turned down by Cher, who became “hostile”. She noted that she kept trying to find her husband and was eventually threatened by security.

Speaking about her mother-in-law’s behavior, King said, “I was made to feel like it was all my fault. I thought Cher was saying, ‘Why couldn’t you get my son in shape?’”

After moving out of Cher’s estate, King was sent divorce papers, which she said shocked her, as she never believed they were directly from her husband, Elijah.

“From the beginning, I’ve known them [the divorce papers] Wasn’t from him,” King said. “Normally, when people get divorced there’s bitterness, and there was nothing like that between us.”

Despite the divorce papers, the couple later reunited to celebrate their wedding anniversary at a New York hotel. It was during this same period that Cher allegedly hired four men to “kidnap” her son and take him to a treatment center.

Cher has denied these claims, saying they are “false”.

Cher accuses Maryanne King of not acting in her son’s best interests

Cher and Gregg Allman's son Elijah Blue has filed for divorce from his wife

Now, Eliza, who was initially the reason for King and Cher’s first meeting, becomes the source of apparent tension between the two women. Her struggle with substance abuse adversely affected her relationship with King and contributed to their near-divorce.

However, when Cher expressed her intention to obtain a conservatorship order to gain control of their 47-year-old son’s finances, King and Eliza took action to dismiss their divorce petition in an effort to prevent this interference.

In court, Cher claimed her daughter-in-law was not acting in her son’s best interests, saying she refused to get him the help he needed. Cher went even further and expressed concern that Eliza would not survive a year without the court granting her guardianship.

In response, King said that contrary to Cher’s claims, she always “wanted the best for Eliza”. Additionally, she questioned Cher’s suitability to manage Eliza’s affairs and candidly commented, “She doesn’t drive, cook her own food, or dress herself.”

Elijah Blue Allman did not want conservatorship

Cher and Gregg Allman's son Elijah Blue has filed for divorce from his wife

King was not alone in not wanting guardianship. Eliza herself had also expressed her opinion against it in the petition filed in the court.

“While I understand that my mother, the proposed conservator, believes she is looking out for my best interests, and I appreciate her love and support, I do not need her unsolicited help or support at this time. No need,” Elijah previously said, adding that he has been sober for more than three months and attending Alcoholics Anonymous.

Ultimately, conservatorship was not granted, much to the relief of King, who told the publication that he and Eliza had moved on from their initial troubles.

“Eliza and I are delighted,” King commented. “We need our own space. Our situation is not unusual, where mother-in-law interferes. I am happy with the court’s decision and now we need our freedom to get a chance to live happily.

Mariangela King ‘hopes to make peace’ with Cher

Shocking details emerge of Cher's alleged involvement in the kidnapping of her 47-year-old son Elijah

As far as the future goes, it seems like King and Eliza have no plans to separate themselves again no matter what problems they may face in the future.

“Our marriage isn’t perfect, but our marriage has lasted longer than most Hollywood marriages,” King said. I am Catholic and do not believe in divorce. I’m glad Elijah took divorce off the table.

He further added, “When you have love there is nothing that is irreplaceable. Love covers many sins. If you can’t figure it out now, you’ll keep repeating the same mistakes with the next person. Elijah is my man.”

Regarding his relationship with Cher, King admitted that things are not smooth at present, and the good days they once shared may never return. Despite the challenges, she expressed that she still holds a certain amount of affection for Cher.

King added, “I love my mother-in-law.” “I hope we make peace in the future, but like any relationship, it has to come with healthy boundaries, not with the narrative given in the present.”

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