Chad Hugo and Pharrell battle over Neptunes trademark “fraud”

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Break-up season continues as one of the most iconic couples, The Neptunes, is in a legal battle accusing Chad Hugo Pharrell Williams Retaining control of the group’s trademarks “fraudulently”.

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Unfortunately, this is not an April Fool’s joke. First desus and mero, then Hall & Oates, and now this? Someone call your praying grandmothers to keep an eye on Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

The Neptunes produced the biggest hits from some of the biggest artists of the last three decades. From jay z and usher from beyonce and Mariah Carey, the Songwriting Hall of Fame inductee dominated the industry and the charts. Despite all the successes and collaborations, the producing duo always seemed to quietly reach an agreement to secure and split the bag.

Chad Hugo files legal action against Pharrell Williams over The Neptunes trademark

Now, Pharrell’s childhood friend claims the “Happy” singer is trying to make money without her. According to Board, Hugo’s court filing accused Pharrell of attempting to register a trademark under The Neptunes’ name without his approval. Without that knowledge, Hugo would not know how much money he is entitled to based on their equal partnership.

Kelis already knows the words to this shady song, and it probably starts with, “I tried to tell you all!”

Hugo’s lawyers submitted the legal action to a federal tribunal last week. Multiple trademark applications under the Neptunes name allegedly violate their agreement to split everything equally.

“In its more than thirty-year history, [Hugo] And Williams agreed to this and in fact they have divided all the assets. Ignoring and ostracizing [Hugo] “In any and all applications filed by the applicant for ‘The Neptunes’ mark, the applicant has committed fraud and acted in bad faith in obtaining the trademark,” Hugo’s attorney Kenneth D. Freundlich wrote in the filing.

Hugo has been a mostly silent partner for years, so all this legal drama is no mean feat. They claim that Pharrell “knowingly and knowingly” attempted to register “The Neptunes” for music streaming, content such as music videos, and live performances without Hugo’s knowledge.

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A statement from Pharrell claims he plans to pursue a long-standing split between the two over the proceeds from the disputed trademark filing.

“Pharrell is surprised by this. We have approached on several occasions a stake in the ownership and administration of the trademarks and will continue to offer this. The goal here was to ensure that no third party came into possession of the trademark and to guarantee Chad and Farrell’s stake in ownership and administration,” Williams’ representative said.

However, Farrell reportedly filed these trademarks with his own company, PW IP Holdings LLC, as the owner in 2022 rather than listing Hugo or his partnership. “Nothing, either written or oral, provided that Williams or [PW IP Holdings] With the unilateral right to register trademarks,” Hugo’s lawyers claim.

Chad Hugo accused Farrell’s company of deducting him from his fair share with “harsh business practices”

The filing said Hugo’s lawyers reached out “repeatedly” about the issue since 2022. He alleged that Farrell’s team “has accepted” [Hugo] have equal co-owners of the trademark” but never fulfilled promises to include them equally. Lawyers also accused Farrell’s company of unspecified “coercive business practices” by not including Hugo equally. .

This could be the beginning of a long and historic legal battle. According to the filing, Farrell’s company owns several similar trademarks under The Neptunes without Hugo in the mix. The “Blurred Lines” star has a pending application for clothing and merchandise, and already has a music sound recording trademark registered.

For followers of these 2000s stalwarts, it feels like parents going through a devastating divorce. Until this dynamic duo somehow stays together for fans, we can only drink “milkshakes” and reminisce about the good times.

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