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with cbse board exam 2024 Right around the corner, students are studying hard for one of the most important exams of their academic career. TOI Education spoke to Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj, examination controllerJust a few days before CBSE Board Exam 2024. In a candid conversation, Dr. Bhardwaj threw light on many aspects of CBSE exams, from the pattern change. Preparation Tips To stress management And exam day guidelines.He also shared practical tips and important guidelines on how students should behave for a smooth exam experience.
According to Dr. Bhardwaj, two days are very important for students: the day before the exam and the day of the exam. Highlighting the need to ensure that all exam-related documents are in order on the day of the exam, he said, “Before the exam begins, your first priority is to check your admit card carefully to ensure that all the information Correct. If you notice any discrepancy or issue in your admit card, resolve it immediately. It is important to do this before the exam day. If you face any problems, contact your school immediately so that they can inform CBSE. CBSE has provided several opportunities to correct any errors in the data.

Take CBSE exams stress-free with expert tips from CBSE Controller of Examinations Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj

Dr. Bhardwaj instructed students to ensure that they know the location of their examination centre, and reach the location well in advance to minimize traffic jams or other cold weather-related problems in the current winter months. “Since we are still in February, the weather is quite cold. Usually, from February to Holi, the weather remains either normal or cold. In view of this, it is important to visit your exam center before the exam date. Familiarize yourself with the location so that you can reach the exam on time. This is important. Plan your route ahead of time, taking into account factors like traffic. This will save you from last-minute confusion or the wrong school or exam. “Can be avoided by reaching the centre. The main thing is to be on time and well prepared.”
Examination day is an important moment in a student’s career. It is full of excitement and nervous energy, the result of weeks or even months of dedicated preparation. Following the exam guidelines for a smooth, hassle-free experience is an important factor in a stress-free exam experience.
Dr. Bhardwaj advised students to bring only essential items to the examination hall and keep themselves calm to perform well in the examination. He said, “On the day of the exam, it is important to ensure that you bring only items permitted by CBSE. We allow only one plastic transparent bag, in which you can carry your admit card, school issued identity card, some pens, pencils, eraser and a scale. These are the only items allowed for examination.
He further said, “Water will be provided at the examination centre, and bringing mobile phones or any other communication device will be avoided. Students must strictly follow the school dress code- wear their school uniform on the day of examination.
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Emphasizing the importance of reaching the examination center on time to avoid any last-minute mishap, he said, “Reach the examination center well in advance, ideally 15 minutes before the last entry time of 10 am, even if The exam starts at 10 o’clock. :30 am. Upon arrival, enter quietly and find your assigned seat in the examination room.
Highlighting the need for students to be confident about their exam preparation, Dr. Bhardwaj said, “Remember, any last-minute revision should only be based on what you have prepared in advance; To avoid unnecessary stress, leave all study material at home. Approach the exam with a clear, calm mind and be prepared to solve questions with confidence.

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