Bunim/Murray developing ‘Flavor of Love’ reboot

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Unique:What do Sylvester Stallone, Lisa Vanderpump and Flavor Flav have in common? All these reality shows are produced by the company run by Julie Pizzi.

Pizzi was named president of Banim/Murray Productions in February 2021 and two and a half years later, Banim acquired sibling company 51 Minds Entertainment.

He has spent the last six months overseeing both companies, exploring their strategies and figuring out how to make the best of it in the world of non-fiction.

51 brain is behind below deck And its slate of Marine spinoffs and Public Enemy are planning a return for Star Flav (more below), while Bunim/Murray is behind series like Paramount+ The Family Stallone, The Challenge Universe and CBS’ Buddy Games.

The latter also opened the doors Vanderpump Villa, A series true to her name based on her luxury French villas. The series launches yesterday (April 1) on Hulu, marking Vanderpump’s first series outside of the NBCUniversal system and Bunim/Murray’s first show with Hulu.

Pizzi told Deadline that the series had been in development for the past few years vanderpump rules Scandoval got a second wind with a ratings bonus.

“We started thinking about a big new show upstairs Downstairs the world, which since White lotus It’s been such a prosperous area,” he said. “Lisa is already a brand. We started developing this project a year before Scandoval happened, so I think Lisa was paying attention to what was next for her.

The show follows Vanderpump’s hand-picked staff as they live and work together to fulfill every extravagant desire of their affluent guests. Pizzi called the former housewife a “master of hospitality” who is “very creatively involved” with the show, which he called “a huge undertaking”.

“Lisa is an incredible producer, she really has a keen eye for what works in unscripted. “His name definitely benefited us in terms of trying to sell it,” Pizzi said.

Vanderpump Villa (Photo courtesy: Gilles Mingasan/Hulu)

Pizzi has worked with Bunim/Murray for many years, long before taking the top job. In fact, she worked with Chris Abrego, who now runs Hyphenate Media with Eva Longoria, at Bunim/Murray, before co-founding 51 Minds Entertainment, which she now heads. He has spent the last six months focusing on specific lanes for both companies, which he said share a DNA.

“There are a lot of similarities,” she admits. “I think Bunim/Murray could have made Below Deck and made 51 Minds Vanderpump Villa, But part of my goal is to take a look at what both brands are doing right now, and what might really make them different.

51 Minds Entertainment has been moving into renewal in recent years with series like HGTV marriage with real estate and netflix hack my house, The company that makes Hulu drive with swizz beatz And Pizzey says she would lean more towards this male-skewing element. “We’re launching several of our new game shows through 51,” he said.

surreal life The producer also enjoys the nostalgia by staying behind Taste of love.

Pizzi revealed that the company is now in the process of rebooting the dating show, which ran on VH1 for three seasons between 2006 and 2008.

“We’re in the process of working with Flavor Flav to reimagine taste of love This decade may feel very different. This project is really fun, a comedy about dating.”

However, Flav will not be dating this time but will be a part of the process.

51 Minds Entertainment is owned by taste of love Brand. He said, “We have a very close relationship with Paramount so we’ll take it to them first, but we’ll also shop it around.”

51 Minds and Bunim/Murray’s labels but the two companies will share services and development teams will work together.

The “Crown Jewel” of 51 Minds is undoubtedly below deck.

The main show, which airs on Bravo, is currently airing season 11, Below Deck: Mediterranean The eighth season just aired, Below Deck: sailing yacht is gearing up for its fifth season and Below Deck: Below Going into its third season.

Pizzi said, “The franchise is alive and well.” “51 Minds is really fortunate to have that level of success and it continues to grow. People really like this show. Bravo has done a really good job of keeping it relevant and continuing.”

Below Deck: Below Became one of the poster children for NBCUniversal’s launch of a new set of workplace conduct guidelines last year. This came after the show faced alcohol-related problems with some of its stars.

“We have worked extensively with NBC over the past six months to rewrite protocols and create a safe working environment for both the cast and crew. As with all shows, we always have to continue to evolve, keeping care and conservation at the forefront of everything we do,” she said.

On the Banim/Murray side, challenge Is the main franchisee of that company. Challenge: Battle for a New Champion Recently it was broadcast 39th season on MTV and heading into its 40th yearth Season. of Paramount+ Challenge: All Stars Returning for its fourth season and second season set in Cape Town, South Africa on April 10 Challenge: USA Aired on CBS last summer.

,challenge The universe has evolved a lot over the years. It’s a great format that has worked for 30 years,” she said.

at josh duhamel Buddy Games (CBS)

Pizzey hopes she can pursue her second CBS show – Buddy Games – in a similar franchise.

The show, which is based on the 2019 comedy film directed by and starring Josh Duhamel, launched in September as a competition format. “Was a lot of fun. Josh has been an incredible partner and CBS did a great job marketing it and it was successful. We’re really looking forward to doing another cycle. It’s the kind of show that’s extremely family-oriented and I have never worked with a host who is so enthusiastic and excited about a project,” he added.

Bunim/Murray is probably best known the real world And keeping up with the Kardashians.

outside of housewives In-universe, the number of these classic, reality docusopes is dwindling. However, that trend had to be broken The Family StalloneThe Paramount+ series stars Sylvester Stallone and his family.

Stallone was apparently encouraged to do the show by his daughters Sophia, Sistine and Scarlett. “What was unexpected was so much fun [Stallone] Was going to do this. Initially, we laughed because when we shot the presentation, we were thinking Sly would be involved somehow. But he could not get out of the camera. He was directing our group. He was directing his daughters. That was like entering there. I think he had a good time,” she said.

The second season aired in February and Pizzey hopes for a third season.

Stallone is one of the wildly successful actors who has joined the unscripted world, along with people like Rob Lowe, who hosts the Fox game show. destinationand Jamie Foxx, who are involved in beat shazam And we are Family.

“Every day, we have inquiries from really big, big talents to do unscripted work. What I find attractive is that he likes this style. They see it, and now they really see it as an economic possibility for them,” Pizzi said.

Despite all this, there have been some challenges in the unscripted industry.

Pizzi says IP and franchises matter in the non-fiction space. He said his companies have sold some new formats and shows over the past few months, which was a bit unexpected based on the climate.

“With the right packaging, big ideas still sell. Networks are not as fast to buy something, so sometimes there are some stages of development, but we are selling. I don’t think we’re doing a lot of filler television anymore, they’re very precise buys,” she said.

She highlights genres including true-crime, cooking, and social experiments with a “sweet spot” of less than $1M per episode. “Given everything that has been noisy and successful this year, doubling in size, money, competition, stakes, everything has to feel epic and like a spectacle.

It has some big stakes in other formats including adventure format no way backA partnership with John de Mol’s Talpa Studios, starring Bear Grylls, is being brought to market in the next few weeks.

Pizzey is generally optimistic. “I feel like it’s changing,” she said. “It really feels like there is a lot of momentum in the industry right now.”

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