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An employee took to Reddit to share how his boss dived into a direct conversation with him moments after he was fired. His “mind-blowing” conversation with his employer shocked people and prompted many to share similar stories.

People had a lot to say about the boss who asked an employee about his vacation plans after firing him. (Unsplash@Alesia Kaz)

“Literally being fired by the owner of the establishment, and during the conversation, he mentioned he was moving to another apartment with his partner and kids during the summer,” wrote a Reddit user.

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He added that his soon-to-be former boss asked him where he was going, to which he replied, “nowhere”.

After the employee’s reply, the conversation took a strange turn when the owner said, “How? You should go on holiday! You seem really stressed! You have to go somewhere and rest and treat your children.”

The Reddit user added, “You literally told me I wouldn’t have a job in a week. I really couldn’t tell if he was being incredibly stupid or just making fun of me. Anyway, with the man.”

Take a look at the entire post here:

Since being shared a day ago, the post has collected more than 2,100 upvotes. It has also encouraged people to share various comments.

Here’s how Reddit users reacted to the post:

“I got a 0% pay rise and a small bonus in the company for a year. Boss asked what treat I was going to buy with him,” a Reddit user posted.

“The owner of the place I used to work told me he had no idea if his stove was gas or electric because he’d never really used it before – he always ate out instead. I looked at his credit card bills, and he spent more at restaurants in 3 months than he did in all of last year,” shared another.

“I once got a part-time call center job. This was at a time when call centers were office-based rather than remote work. The team leader had the audacity to say he was jealous of our part-time at-will status, because it meant we could go on holiday whenever we wanted. A different planet,” commented a third.

“It’s just reckless. For him, leaving you is of no consequence. Everyone has at least $80k in cash somewhere, right? And a good paying job is nearby. And if it takes a little longer, your spouse has a high enough income to get through a long job search,” expressed a fourth.

“My boss at my last job emailed every employee (200+) after his two-week summer vacation. He said he hopes now everyone is fresh and can work harder,” Panchama added.

“It seems most boss types forget how little they pay people and how bad inflation is. My boss recently took a two week vacation and then had the nerve to come back and tell us how wonderful it was and that we should all ‘take time’ to go somewhere special. I haven’t taken a vacation in 15 years. There is no money in the budget for such frivolity,” joined a sixth.

“You should point out that you probably don’t get paid enough to afford leave,” wrote a seventh.

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