Blake Lively gives hilarious response after Ryan Reynolds jokes about attending Super Bowl without her

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Blake Lively gives hilarious response after Ryan Reynolds jokes about attending Super Bowl without her

what happens in Vegas… Blake Lively Just got home from a whirlwind Super Bowl with my friend on Sunday Taylor Swift after husband Ryan Reynolds jokingly Trolled him on social media,

The 47-year-old actor on Sunday shared a picture of himself standing in front of a TV on which the film’s trailer was being shown. deadpool 3, During this the much awaited glimpse started Super Bowl LVIII broadcast, but it was no match for the buzz surrounding Swift’s appearance at the game and, by proxy, Lively’s appearance.

“Has everyone seen the #Deadpool trailer? Has anyone even seen my wife?” Reynolds joked in his post.

Lively retaliated with an almost identical image, of her standing in front of the same TV in a long red sweater and jeans and Reynolds’ character on the screen behind her. Around the neck of the actress she wears the real version of the same “Best Friends” Necklace featured in deadpool and wolverine Poster art. On the back of his cape is a Chiefs Super Bowl Champions hat.

“Honey, I’m home,” she wrote above the shot. “I had a good day. Yours?”

Blake Lively/Instagram

While the 36-year-old mom of four may have been keeping quiet about her time in Sin City, viewers spotted her enjoying the Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers match in a private suite with Swift, Ice Spice, Miles, and Kelly Taylor . And Lana Del Rey. The cameras also captured Swift and Lively a sweet moment of embrace during post malonePerformance of “America the Beautiful”. The group later celebrated Chiefs’ victory in a fun-filled manner at night on the strip With Swift’s girlfriend, the Chiefs tight end travis kels,

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

“Taylor was extremely friendly to everyone and everyone was respectful to him. They worked nights and hung out with friends. Travis is protective of Taylor, but also gives him space and is not clingy, Which she appreciates.” a source told ET on Monday. “He’s happy to be with his teammates when they’re in social settings and he makes an effort to interact with her, make her laugh, and make sure she’s having a good time. Taylor and Travis are totally in love with their win. “Even though it’s a very busy and exciting time for both of them, they want to spend as much time together as possible before Taylor goes back on tour.”

While Reynolds didn’t tag along for the big game, he did join Swift and Lively earlier — with their deadpool and wolverine co-star, Hugh Jackmanand director Shawn Levy — on Chiefs game against New York Jets In October.

At the time, speculation was rampant that Swift might appear in an upcoming Marvel film as the mutant Dazzler,

Kevin Sabitas/Getty Images

deadpool 3 It is the first release of the franchise since the beloved character was acquired by Disney from Fox. The two-and-a-half-minute trailer features Reynolds’ Wade Wilson and his signature meta-humor, making the jump from Fox to Disney in a fourth-wall-breaking moment as he is kidnapped by the Time Variance Authority (TVA) . ), a Marvel organization first introduced in Disney+ bottle gourd series.

The NSFW trailer prominently features recent Emmy winners and inheritance Star Matthew Macfadyen, who appears to be at the helm of TVA, offers Reynolds’ character to become the hero of the multiverse, which Deadpool appears to accept as he watches snippets of other Marvel films, including thor And Captain America: The First Avenger,

“Your little cinematic universe is about to change,” Reynolds, in the classic red and black Deadpool suit, says in the clip. “I am the Messiah. I am Marvel Jesus.”

The trailer does not show the face of Jackman’s return as Wolverine, but Wade is shown approaching him from behind in the casino and engaging in a fight at the end of the video. The promo ends with Wolverine – appearing in a comic-accurate yellow and blue suit – approaching Deadpool to help him, which the former character immediately refuses.

“Don’t stand there, you ape. Give me a hand,” Deadpool says as Wolverine’s shadow hovers over him on the ground, showing him extending claws from his hand. “No, I’m really fine. Thank you very much.”

deadpool and wolverine Their theaters July 26.

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