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The British media is practically salivating at the thought of “forcing” the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to spend two weeks in the UK in 2027. Birmingham has made a major bid to host the 2027 Invictus Games, and Washington DC is also bidding for the same games. I sincerely hope that DC wins, because if Birmingham gets it, we’re going to spend the next three years doing this sh-t. Take this new Telegraph piece as a preview of coming attractions: “How Britain’s bid for Invictus Games could raise some tantalising questions for the Royal family.” Subhead: “Would the Duke and Duchess of Sussex both come and bring their children, and how would King Charles and Prince William react?” They’re practically giddy with anticipation at the thought of all of the pain and trauma they could inflict on the Sussexes. They’re desperate for any semblance of “control” over the Sussexes AND the Invictus Games. Some highlights from the Telegraph piece:

Tantalizing questions: The prospect of Prince Harry’s Invictus Games returning to the UK for the first time since its inception raises some tantalising questions. Chief among them is whether it would draw both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex back to their former home, potentially with their two children. Then, crucially, would senior members of the Royal family support the event, as they did in 2014, when the then Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince William all joined Prince Harry for the opening ceremony. Things were different then. The Duke was a fully paid-up, full-time working member of the team and any family tensions were dealt with behind closed doors.

The Windsors refuse to support Invictus nowadays: Despite its growing stature on the world stage, the Royal family has not commented publicly on the event for a number of years, a fact not lost on Team Sussex.

The UK’s bid for the games: The Government has thrown its weight behind the plan, pledging £26 million in the recent budget to get the bid off the ground. There will be no financial input from Birmingham City Council, which went bust last year, meaning much of the funding must be Government-sourced and offset by private sector sponsors. As such, Johnny Mercer, the veterans minister, co-hosted a symposium in the city in March to drum up the much-needed cash. The event was held two days before the Princess of Wales released her video message revealing that she was undergoing cancer treatment. Mr Mercer is initially looking to attract up to 10 founding partners who will each contribute £350,000 a year for the next three years, in the run-up to the Games. It is hoped that other partners will later join the bid as official supporters, associates and suppliers. Revenue will also be raised from broadcasting rights, benefactors, ticket sales and merchandise.

JJ Chalmers is also sort of backing the British bid: Former Marine Commando JJ Chalmers, a close friend of Prince Harry and an Invictus gold medalist who suffered life-changing injuries in a bomb blast in Afghanistan, joined the call for private sector support. “There are so many things that you could be investing in, so many assets, but most importantly you’re investing in people,” he said. “The Invictus community is made up of those who served and wish to continue to serve.”

How the Sussexes would react if Birmingham wins the bid: For the Duke and Duchess, the prospect of the Games’ making a triumphant return to the UK will undoubtedly prove conflicting. The annual event has become one of their most high profile joint outings on the world stage, an opportunity to demonstrate what their lives are all about: helping others. For Harry, it is a hugely important personal project – one of the sole remaining legacies from his time as a working royal and one of which he is incredibly proud….But in the UK, the issue of security has become a hot potato. The Duke recently lost a legal battle with the Home Office over the withdrawal of his state-funded police protection.

How the royals would react: As for whether other members of the family would publicly support a Games on UK soil, the jury is out. As it stands, senior royals have much more pressing concerns. With both the King and the Princess of Wales undergoing cancer treatment, there is understandable reluctance to address anything but current priorities. Palace sources have previously insisted that senior members of the Royal family never involve themselves in each others’ professional endeavours. But if the week-long celebration of triumph over all odds is hosted in the UK, a lack of support for the competitors from senior royals would look churlish. The Prince and Princess were integrally involved in the early success of the Invictus Games, with their Royal Foundation – then shared with the Duke – pumping significant injections of cash into the event.

Who would go to the Birmingham games? At the time, a courtier was quoted as saying: “Prince William and Catherine always supported Harry’s efforts to establish Invictus. They are delighted that it has been a success.” A lot could happen over the next three years but given current tensions, it appears unlikely either would join Harry and Meghan in the stands. A middle ground might be found in the form of sporty royals such as Zara and Mike Tindall – who got involved in the inaugural games in London 2014 when they joined Harry to take part in a wheelchair rugby match.

[From The Telegraph]

Again, I hope DC wins. I have no idea what DC’s bid looks like and what kind of funding they’re promising, but I guarantee that the Invictus competitors and the Sussexes will have much more fun in DC. It will just be easier to stage in DC and the veteran community in the DC/metro area would love the boost. The fact that we’re talking about an event three years away through the prism of “would the royal family support it” shows exactly why the UK doesn’t deserve to win the bid. The Windsors have gone radio silent about the past two games and they already look “churlish.” They already look immature, petty and like they don’t actually give a f–k about veterans or the military community. They already look like they’re supremely jealous of all of the attention Invictus gets, all while simultaneously trying to take credit for being part of it.

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