Bitch Zendaya wore Louis Vuitton and Alaia dress to Paris ‘Dune 2’ event: Stunning?

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My biggest fear for Zendaya was that once she signed on to be a Louis Vuitton brand ambassador, she would be contractually obligated to wear LV on all of her biggest red carpets. While LV can (sometimes) create some interesting and even great custom pieces for their ambassadors, for the most part, brand ambassadorships suck the life out of all fashion girls. I’m glad to see that Zendaya is still having a lot of fun with fashion and it seems like she doesn’t have the same contractual obligations and restrictions as many House ambassadors.

So, here are some photos from this week and last week as Zendaya and the Dune 2 cast promote their movie. Last night, the cast held a big premiere event in Paris. Zendaya wore Louis Vuitton – a haute couture crop top with a slouchy T-neck. Although I’m not a fan of LV, I understand what they were trying to do and I get the theme. What bothers me is that Zendaya’s makeup here is terrible.

At the Paris photocall (earlier in the day on Monday), Zendaya wore Alaia. She looked incredible in these pictures!

Last week, the cast was in Mexico City! At the premiere, Zendaya wore custom Bottega Veneta and Florence Pugh wore Standing Ground.

At the photocall in Mexico, Zendaya wore a custom Torishiju. It’s very costume-y, but I get it.

Photos Cover image, courtesy of Avalon Red.

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