Bitch Wyatt: When Prince Harry met King Charles he didn’t want Camilla in the room

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I’m just reminded of royal commentator/gadfly Petronella Wyatt. We haven’t spoken about her for several months, not since she made scathing comments about Prince Harry in the Telegraph and elsewhere last May and June. According to Wyatt, he has friends in L.A. “I always run into Meghan at parties.” And Harry is a very lonely babysitter. Weeks later, Wyatt expressed his displeasure over Harry testifying against the tabloids who had profiled him and each of his girlfriends. These days, it looks like Wyatt is getting marching orders from Queen Camilla. My favorite theory is that Camilla was banned from King Charles and Prince Harry’s brief meeting last week and Camilla herself was somewhat angry. She was apparently behind that particularly disgusting story from Robert Jobson about how Charles didn’t even want to see Harry. Now Wyatt claims it was Harry who told his father he didn’t want to be in the same room as Camila. Sure. And??

Last week the enmity between Prince Harry and Queen Camilla increased. Or rather, the Duke of Sussex apparently launched an unprovoked volley in the direction of a 75-year-old woman. An irony, no doubt, is that this self-proclaimed feminist and Lochinvar of the New World, Harry, I hear, was in the same room with his stepmother when she spoke to the king about her cancer diagnosis. Following most of the early and historic mercy missions to Blighty since Lend Lease. As olive branches go, this is a big missed opportunity by the Prince of Petulance – although it’s possible our laid-back queen wouldn’t have minded either way.

Remember the screaming and moaning when Meghan was excluded from a family gathering? But the trouble with Harry is that he fights like a coward, refuses to stand up to a comparable foe, and on the rare occasion that he meets one, he takes refuge in a dog bowl. In short, Prince Bahadur he is not.

Harry, despite his slyly artificial Californian posture, is a typical Anglo-Saxon who has stuck to his hereditary guns. He strikes very violently, and in this fact lies the reason for the ridiculous image he usually cuts in the eyes of others. He brags and boasts so often that if he actually had the combined qualities of Jesus Christ, Aristotle, and El Cid he would still be beyond the facts and thus appear to be merely a bombast furioso. It has taken on an almost pathological character and is probably no more than a protective mechanism designed to conceal an inevitable feeling of inferiority.

Still, as far as the Queen is concerned, I don’t understand her constant whining. Perhaps, by sending his brother and sister-in-law, he had fled to humiliate the family members. I have known Camilla since I was 18, and she is clearly incapable of the machinations of which Harry has often accused her. Sometimes what is detrimental to her is that she is incapable of planning any kind of thing. With her clean traditions as the daughter of rustic aristocrats, her complexion that rejects make-up and other elements, and her candid, matter-of-fact approach, she is the closest she has come to a “plan” on a Scrabble board.

After Diana’s death, and when I was deputy editor of The Spectator, I sometimes had breakfast with Mark Boland, who was Charles’s deputy private secretary. Without wishing to betray any confidence, I got the clear impression that it was Charles who wanted to marry Camilla, while she was content with a less formal arrangement. The topic of her becoming queen one day was never discussed. There are some people who are devoid of ambition and vanity and Camila is one of them. Thus I do not understand Harry’s bile, and cannot sympathize with him.

Like most forms of hatred it seems to be based on jealousy; Jealous of the fact that her father’s marriage to Camila, as he has publicly admitted in the past, is “very happy”, and jealous, perhaps, of the humorous and invaluable support she will now give him. Harry seems to have a problem with other people’s happiness and has spent the last year making his close relatives unhappy. He is suspicious of anyone with a better ability to have a good time. If Camilla were unhappy in her marriage, he would undoubtedly run to embrace her and assure the public of their friendship.

There is probably another, equally distasteful explanation. It seems to me that the Queen Consort’s career of royal service and her growing popularity in this country contrasts deeply with Harry’s strangely futile existence abroad. I don’t believe for a moment his constant claims that he is an infinitely more content and much better person. Could it be that beneath his shiny new skin, Prince Harry remains the sensual clown of his youth?

[From The Telegraph]

I’ve called this woman crazy before, and I’ll say it again. What kind of medicine is she taking? All of them? He completely dismissed this prolix 3000-word post because a son allegedly wanted to speak to his father in private… and that’s all? Is Camilla really so rude and classless that she would refuse to let a son talk one-on-one with his father? So it turns out that Camilla was really very angry about it, so angry that she called Robert Jobson and Petronella Wyatt and a dozen other royalists.

Too: “But the problem with Harry is that he fights like a coward, refuses to stand up to a comparable enemy, and on the rare occasion that he meets one, he takes refuge in a dog bowl.” Very good. They are really bent on rewriting “Prince William violently attacks his brother as Harry refuses to divorce Meghan,” Aren’t they? These people need to get off drugs and engage in therapy. Crack is Wack.

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