Bitch Super Bowl cuts Cardi B’s NYX ad for being too adult

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Bitch  Super Bowl cuts Cardi B's NYX ad for being too adult

I usually post Super Bowl ads, but this is a lot of work and I’m into it my toad era, Today we have coverage of Beyonce’s Verizon ad and Ben Affleck’s Dunkin’ ad. You can view a more detailed list of ad here, I wanted to talk about Cardi B’s ad for NYX’s Duck Plump Lip Gloss. It was originally a one-minute ad, with the first half featuring Cardi and some dancers and the second half being a joke about men applying lip gloss to their lips while female experts call them idiots. The folks at CBS decided the second half was too suggestive and so NYX cut it down to 30 seconds with a QR code to access the entire ad. I’m embedding the full version below and here’s one Live ad link, Here’s more from NPR:

When I talked to Shayne Millington about the cheeky Super Bowl ad she was planning with Cardi B, the ad executive was excited about the possibility of changing the way male sports fans Big Games don’t advertise often.

But the NFL put a halt to her plans on Sunday, blocking makeup brand NYX from airing part of their ad that said men might have misunderstood the name of their Duck Plump lip gloss and mistaken it for a certain Must be used in private sector. Instead, they featured Cardi B on air for 30 seconds and displayed a QR code that viewers could use to access the entire ad.

Millington, chief creative officer of McCann New York, told me before the game that the ad was an attempt to subvert the traditional Super Bowl ad.

She said, “You really have to look at how women have been portrayed in Super Bowl commercials and in the past, and it’s not very good.” “So, on a big stage like the Super Bowl where men have [traditionally] Humor was prevalent…[this time] “Ladies will have the last laugh with Cardi B.”

Turns out, Millington’s ad was one of the hottest ads at the Super Bowl, with brands touting it as even safer than usual, perhaps due to the hefty fee charged per 30 seconds of airtime.

[From NPR]

Of course this ad was cut. They cannot afford to offend their target audience. This was a funny, memorable ad and should have been aired in full. I don’t consider it too extreme for the Super Bowl, but I guess I don’t have small kids or whatever excuse they’re using. i remember something erotic advertising The Super Bowl has aired in the past, and I’m glad we are going away Out of that. NYX is an excellent brand, I have a lot of their products, and I hope they get more promotion after this. duck fat Retailing for $13It’s vegan, and NYX is offering free shipping when you order it through their site.

Incidentally, Uber Eats Also edited their desired ad Following a response from allergy awareness groups. The ad focused on people forgetting things, including Jelly Roll forgetting her face tattoo and Jennifer Aniston forgetting David Schwimmer. The original version featured a person with a peanut allergy eating peanut butter, but making fun of people’s allergies isn’t funny and Uber wisely removed it.

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