Bitch Should ‘3 Body Problem’ be a weekly show so it gets more attention?

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Bitch  Should '3 Body Problem' be a weekly show so it gets more attention?

3 physical problems There’s a new eight-episode scifi series on Netflix game of Thrones Showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss. Thankfully those two didn’t carry out their trashy plans for a series about an alternate reality where the Union won the Civil War and slavery was still legal (they were actually going to do that). Instead it was his first post GoT show, and is based on a book by Liu Cixin, one of three in the series. I’ve seen it all 3 physical problems, and like GoT there are some shocking moments and some surprising plot decisions. It feels like some episodes were made specifically for a weekly television show that would keep us talking and waiting, only the entire season was released at once and it’s not getting that much buzz online. . Alex Welch, writer at Inverse, wonders whether this was a poor decision on Netflix’s part, and whether GoT was the last big water cooler show. I have removed all spoilers from the excerpt below, but source article Something is there.

Despite the high-profile nature of the show, the popularity of its source material, and its considerable budget, 3 Body Problems has not generated the same stir each season as Benioff and Weiss’s previous shows. Is it because the new Netflix series has not been successful so far? The streamer’s metrics are too vague to say with any real certainty. However, the recent premiere of 3 Body Problems seems to confirm one thing: the era of event TV viewing is officially over.

3 Body Problems is no less ambitious than Game of Thrones. Although it’s not as awe-inspiring as the HBO series managed to be, it’s the kind of big-budget genre show designed to capture viewers’ attention and dominate the cultural conversation.

As they did with Game of Thrones, Benioff and Weiss packed the first season of 3 Body Problems with surprising moments…

Season 1 of 3 Body Problems, for all its flaws, had the potential to garner the same level of attention. However, by removing all of its episodes at once, Netflix has taken away the weight of the show’s biggest moments. This has made the show something that viewers can watch at their own pace, which has frustratingly diffused the broader conversation around it. This is a far cry from the engagement that Game of Thrones not only cultivates but encourages. The further we get from it, the more it seems like Game of Thrones may be television’s last true event show.

[From Inverse]

I don’t know that I agree with Welch’s idea that Game of Thrones is the last “event show”, but I’m not the right person to comment on this. I didn’t care about Game of Thrones until a few seasons passed and I stopped watching it. Welch says that content gets lost in this age of streamers, and that’s certainly true. Reading entertainment news all day is my job and I subscribe to almost every streamer. Most of the time I pick some stupidly popular show on Netflix to watch. It’s like facing a twenty-page food menu and ordering a burger and fries.

related to 3 physical problems, had some incredible scenes and performances, but didn’t add much to the series. There were only two-three characters I cared about. Netflix could have released this season in two parts, as they have stranger things, Crown And Magician, However it appears that they make business decisions only with established assets. 3 physical problems Was entertaining but I hate watching the last few episodes. If it’s less popular due to the release schedule it means Benioff and Weiss will have less opportunities to make a big budget show. I’m okay with that. If they make a second season of this I’ll probably watch it, but I won’t like it.

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