Bitch Sheryl Crow’s teenage son admits most of the things she does in public are offensive

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Bitch  Sheryl Crow's teenage son admits most of the things she does in public are offensive

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One of the rites of passage for parents is to have their children feel a little embarrassed by them for some reason or the other. I believe that if you have a famous parent, it actually increases the likelihood of embarrassment exponentially. Sheryl Crow has two boys, Wyatt, 16, and Levi, 13, who are firmly in their teens. during an appearance on late night with seth meyers Last week, Sheryl, who is promoting her new album, Development, tells Seth that Wyatt and Levi find most of the things she does in public to be “stupid”. Celebrities, they’re just like us!

When Meyers, 50, asked her guest — who recently released her new album Evolution — whether her kids are fans of her music, she replied: “They are.”

He said, “I actually played ‘Alarm Clock’ for them because that was the first song that came on the record.” “It’s about how much I hate my alarm clock, and it was really inspired by 13-year-old Levi, because we’re not morning people. across the board. Wyatt jumped out of bed. He says, ‘There are still days left, let’s go.’ ,

“I also wrote a song called ‘Broken Record,’ and I played it for her and she said, ‘Mom, you can’t put this on your record. No.’ It’s the same with TikTok, ‘Mom, you can’t be on TikTok. It’s disgusting,’” Crowe told Meyers.

As he told the show’s host – himself a father of three – he’ll have to “just wait” before he gets similar comments from his own young children.

“That’s close for you,” he joked to Meyers.

The crow is already seeing its children growing up before its eyes. During their latest televised chat, they revealed that they are now driving to school together, something that gives them “a weird sense of accomplishment.”

“They were happy, I fed them. Homework’s done, they’re going to school,” she said as she made herself a coffee and put her feet up after leaving the house.

“The first few days when they left I was like, ‘What are they talking about,’” Crowe said, before Meyers asked if they talked about him.

“They won’t talk about me unless it’s something stupid I did. My kids, literally, should have subtitles underneath them that go like this, whenever they talk, you see, ‘Mom, you’re an idiot. Mom, you don’t know anything. Just shut up.’ ,

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I mean, if your kids don’t think you’re clingy, are you even parenting, brother? I am a child, I am a child! I love hearing stories from famous people who are supportive parents. Does anyone have any good stories about embarrassing their kids or being embarrassed by their parents? I’ve been pretty lucky so far, except that my younger son (he’s six) has asked me not to call him by his nickname in public. Occasionally, I slip up and he turns to me with a clenched jaw and reminds me that he’s told me not to call him that in front of other people because it embarrasses him. I try to honor their requests! It was only a matter of time before both of them would find me bothering them about something.

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