Bitch Royal sources believe Prince Harry and Meghan’s site is ‘gauche’

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Yesterday, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex launched their new site, I was honestly a little surprised that they’re using their Sussex titles for the site, as the whole reason for creating the Archewell branding was to comply with the Windsors’ demands that they stay away from anything royal-branded or royal-adjacent. That being said, he’s been gone four years and it’s clear the Windsors aren’t going to shed their Sussex titles, so who really cares? Also, they are not using “royal” in their branding, rather they are using their Sussex coat-of-arms.

Anyway, Windsor and her media handlers can’t decide what upsets them more, the fact that they’re “using their titles” or the fact that they’re shooting someone on Isla de Saltines. Not even mentioning anything or anyone. mail attacked strongly Because ““Particularly failed to mention Prince Harry being a member of the Royal Family.” – “Why didn’t Harry talk about his dad at the NFL Honors!!” Now “sources” are complaining that is very “dirty”.

Prince Harry and Meghan risk a fresh controversy with the royal family after last night they launched a new website that uses their Sussex title. The couple replaced their Archewell webpage with a site called, which includes their biographies and lists of their recent activities. But sources warned that her use of her Sussex title and royal crest for commercial purposes could lead to complaints at the palace.

One said: ‘Using the Sussexes is going to get them into real trouble. This is a royal title and if there is any sign of commercialism it will be shut down. It’s shocking, they can’t see how dirty it is.’

However, a source close to the couple said last night: ‘Prince Harry and Meghan are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. This is a fact. This is his surname and family name.

The launch of the website led to speculation that he was trying to reinvigorate his media career. The homepage of ‘The Office of Prince Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ went live yesterday evening. It includes candid biographies of both Harry, 39, and Meghan, 42, as well as the latest news about the couple.

The Duke has been described as a ‘humanitarian, military veteran, mental health advocate and environmental campaigner’. His wife is hailed as a ‘feminist and champion of human rights and gender equality’.

The Sussexes’ online rebranding comes amid speculation they are looking for new production companies to work with. Their £18 million deal with Spotify recently expired, and there are rumors that streaming giant Netflix may not renew their £80 million contract with them. The website is operated by ‘The Office of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ and is a ‘one-stop shop’ for all their activities.

[From The Daily Mail]

Y’all, I check from time to time and I’m amazed at how poorly run it is. It’s been seventeen months since QEII was finished and there are still a lot of updates to be made to many pages. As for me? When the Windsors’ website looks like it’s being run by a crack team of howler monkeys, it’s a bit rich to see such anger being expressed about the Sussexes trying to organize their own stand-alone page. The whole “it’s nonsense to sell things with your title” thing is also absurd, given that there is Royal-branded gin and wine, the Duchy Originals food line, Royal-branded honey, and more.

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