Bitch Queen Camilla, not Prince William, will likely fly to Normandy for D-Day events

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Bitch  Queen Camilla, not Prince William, will likely fly to Normandy for D-Day events

About a month ago, The Times published a lengthy report about Buckingham Palace looking at the calendar to try to figure out which events to cancel for King Charles. He apparently canceled Charles’s attendance for Commonwealth Day and Maundy Thursday, but Charles attended Easter Sunday and even took a short walk among well-wishers. Currently, BP is now saying that they are making tentative plans for Charles to return to the semi-public program, possibly by June. But there are concerns that Charles’s doctors will advise him not to travel, which is why courtiers are watching the 80th anniversary D-Day commemoration events so keenly. A month earlier, courtiers soft-launched the idea that Charles would not be able to travel to Normandy in June. He also said that Camilla will be stepping in… and not Prince William.

Well, now we have received some contradictory reports. The Telegraph reports windsor plans “Regroup for a full show of support for Britain’s veterans on the 80th anniversary of D-Day.” charles and william “Will honor the sacrifice of the World War II generation on the June 6 anniversary, with a trip to Normandy planned for senior family members.” Charles’s diary focuses entirely on trying to get out for D-Day and Trooping the Colour, but the Telegraph avoids saying that Charles would move heaven and earth to go to Normandy. The Telegraph is also being careful about William’s schedule, focusing only on William “He also plans to attend events to honor D-Day veterans, describing recognition of their service as ‘very important’ to him.” Although no one ever said that William would step in for his father in Normandy. Maybe that’s why the Mail ran it as a special:

The Mail on Sunday reveals Queen Camilla could replace King Charles at D-Day 80th anniversary celebrations in France if he is too ill to attend. Aides have not yet ruled out the possibility that the king, who has cancer, could recover enough to travel to Normandy on June 6. But preparations are being made for the queen to go in her place.

It will feature the queen front and center with U.S. President Joe Biden, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Emmanuel Macron, who is expected to attend the official international ceremony at Omaha Beach in Normandy, which marked the Allied victory over the Nazi invasion. The army had targeted. -Occupied France.

The King is understood to be keen to attend the 80th anniversary of D-Day, which would be one of the last anniversaries to be held with living veterans, but he may have to accept that he will not be well enough to travel. Are not.
And his doctor may advise against it.

The occasion is also personally significant for Camilla, whose father, the late Major Bruce Shand, was a decorated war hero who served in World War II.

Prince William, who has had multiple roles in the military and has completed seven and a half years of full-time military service, will likely also attend the commemoration, but no specific plans have been confirmed.

The Queen has attended a number of events since the King revealed his cancer diagnosis earlier this year. Sources said the monarch is ‘very proud of her’ and believes she is doing a ‘wonderful job’.

[From The Daily Mail]

again, “Prince William… will likely also attend the commemorations, but no specific plans have been confirmed” This meant that William refused to step in for his father in Normandy if Charles was unwilling to travel in June. Then, when Charles was Prince of Wales, he was always sent to these types of events to represent his mother and the crown. They can’t even get William to do any work away from home for two months because he is too stingy to travel or do any work. So, just FYI – Camila would love to be a world leader in Normandy this year.

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