Bitch Queen Camilla and Prince William have become ‘unlikely allies’ as they ‘care for the Crown’

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Bitch  Queen Camilla and Prince William have become 'unlikely allies' as they 'care for the Crown'

How would you describe Prince William and Queen Camilla’s relationship these days? I would say that William doesn’t know what effect it had on him, how well his stepmother treated him. Camilla got everything she wanted – the literal crown, all the power, a neutral Middleton family, a submissive Princess of Wales, an uncompromising Prince William, and most importantly, she got Diana’s sons and her Barely managed mid-fight. No fingerprints left. I would say that Camilla’s Machiavellian schemes will be studied for years, but all the royal historians are too busy repeating Camilla’s words. So how is William’s relationship with Camilla these days? I think “stunned and confused” probably covers it, but according to Jenny Bond, Camilla and William are leaning on each other for support.

They are the two most senior royals leading the royal family as King Charles and the Princess of Wales both undergo cancer treatment. And it seems that not only are Queen Camilla and Prince William leading from the front as their spouses take time off from public-facing duties, but recent events have also brought them “closer together.” The pair were seen leading the royal family side by side at the annual Commonwealth Day service last month and are set to become the most senior royals on engagement in the coming weeks.

In 2022, a source told the Daily Mail: “There was huge family discord in the early stages of Charles and Camilla’s marriage as everyone was on their toes. William did not have a good relationship with his father at that time.

However, in recent years, this coldness appears to have subsided and William and Charles are said to have a very close relationship “based on love, affection and respect”. This has apparently been orchestrated by William’s wife Kate, who helped smooth over father and son’s relationship and invited Charles to spend more time with his grandchildren Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. And even though William is not reported to be “particularly close” to Camilla, they enjoy a good supportive relationship and he realizes that she makes his father happy. A source previously told the Daily Mail: “He’s not very close to his stepmother, but they get on absolutely well and are quite a blended family now.”

Now that William and Camilla are both watching their spouses go through cancer treatment, former BBC royal correspondent Jenny Bond tells OK! They have become “unlikely allies.” He said: “Recent events have clearly brought Prince William and Queen Camilla very close. While the King and Princess recover, they have been left to care for the crown almost virtually. And while Camilla and William keep a brave face for the world (and no doubt for their spouses too), there may be times when they tell each other how they’re dealing with it all. Are.

“As a teenager, William took his time accepting Camilla as the ‘other woman’ in his father’s life. Having witnessed his mother’s unhappiness in the marriage, his feelings towards her were complex. But maturity brought with it the realization that Camilla makes her father very happy… and the Prince now knows that she is the love of his life.’

[From The Daily Mirror]

Why does anyone pretend like this? “William took his time accepting Camilla as the ‘other woman’ in his father’s life. Having witnessed his mother’s unhappiness in the marriage, his feelings towards her were complex. William got up and called his mother, mad with his heart full. He followed his father’s orders to silence Diana’s words years after the fact. Anyway, I doubt William and Camilla are particularly close or supportive of each other these days. Camilla sent all this message about how she and Charles are now very close to Kate, meanwhile William is… (wandering) in the air.

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