Bitch Princess Kate now thinks Marlboro is too flashy and jet-set for Prince George

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Before the Princess of Wales was hospitalized and remained MIA for almost two full months, a story had long been running in the British media about Kate’s refusal to send Prince George to Eton. It’s not that Kate hates Eton specifically, she’s just anti-gay education and boarding schools. In the past year, she’s apparently been visiting other schools that George could potentially attend in a few years, when he turns 13. One of her favorite choices was her alma mater, Marlborough, which is co-ed and partly boarding school and partly “day school.” For example, children study like in a normal school and go home every afternoon, but some children go to school. The last we heard about this Wales debate was in a story from In Touch, in which Kate reportedly “acquiesced” to William’s demands that George attend his alma mater Eton. But not so fast — apparently, Kate is healthy enough that she still has her own opinions on all this (??), and she’s now considering a different co-ed school.

As the Prince and Princess of Wales consider the difficult choice of sending the future king to secondary school, a new organization is reportedly underway. The Mail on Sunday reported this weekend that Kate, 42, and William, 41, have listed the prestigious Oundle school as their top choice for their eldest son, 11, who will leave primary school this summer.

It comes amid reports that Kate’s alma mater, Marlborough School in Buckinghamshire, where fees are £47,000 a year, is at risk of becoming ‘flashy’, with a source revealing that the Princess of Wales’s style is ‘less ‘Assessed property’.

In contrast, Oundle School in northern Northamptonshire claims to help mold its pupils into ‘civilised’, ‘open-minded’ and ‘ambitious’ adults – but never ‘arrogant’. The institution, founded in 1556, claims that the students, known as Oundleyans, ‘share the town of Oundley’ with the residents as its buildings are scattered around the area in an open complex that includes a chapel and a cricket ground. Field included.

School fees for full-time boarders in Oundle are £34,515 per year for Year 7, but by Years 9 to 13 the fees rise to £45,435. Fees for day pupils in Year 7 are £22,350 per year, rising to £29,370 for years. 9-13.

Although both Prince William and Prince Harry were educated at Eton College, a stone’s throw from Windsor Castle, it has not been confirmed whether Prince George will follow in his father and uncle’s footsteps. He is also linked to his mother Kate’s former school, Marlborough College, where Pippa and James Middleton also attended. The Mail on Sunday reported that George has already been allocated a ‘house’ in a safe location and that if he eventually attends the school he will be given a housemaster at the school.

But there are concerns that Marlboro has become ‘too attractive’ after its popularity with ultra-wealthy families increased due to its association with the Middletons.

A source said, ‘The 2024 version of Marlboro could be quite different to the way Kate remembers it.’ ‘It’s been a little more jet-set. Many parents have a villa in Fiji, a bungalow in Verbier or a private jet, which isn’t Kate’s style. She likes less wealth.’

She added: ‘Kate wants a school that suits all her children and keeps them grounded.’

[From The Daily Mail]

on lmao “She likes less wealth.” I shouldn’t comment, but no, Kate isn’t just about understated assets. I realize that rich people in Britain like to behave like they don’t have money, but “acting poor” is the only thing you can do when you really passed Wealth. Plus, everything about Kate and Middleton screams “pretending to be newbies.” However, Middleton could not maintain even the appearance of a neophyte without collapsing his house of cards. I would also guess that Marlborough was always a school that attracted attractive wealthy families, which is probably why the Middletons sent Kate there, so that she could learn how to move up the social ladder. Anyway, I doubt anyone is seriously considering Oundle – George will go to Eton in the end, I can pretty much guarantee it. Although it will be interesting to see where Charlotte and Louis end up.

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