Bitch Princess Kate donated seven inches of her hair to cancer charity in 2017

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one of my favorite 30 rock The joke was when Jenna Maroney was trying to get attention for cutting her hair and donating it to charity, but her hair was too damaged to make wigs for cancer patients, so she announced she was growing her hair in merkins. Will donate to Off Hope. What a great joke! I bring this up because the Princess of Wales has always been known for her hair and hairpieces, and people are wondering about her hair these days as she’s undergoing preventative chemotherapy. Will Kate lose her hair? Will she have to wear a wig for the next year? I don’t know. But People Magazine wanted to remind people of the time Kate apparently donated her hair to a charity that makes wigs for young cancer patients.

Kate Middleton once donated some of her locks to a charity that makes wigs for young people experiencing hair loss due to cancer treatment or other conditions, years before she announced her cancer diagnosis.

The Princess of Wales’s bouncy brown hair has long been a hallmark of her style, and the royal quietly donated seven inches of her hair to UK charity The Little Princess Trust in 2017. Six years ago, the Sunday Express reported that Kate, 42, had seven inches of her hair cut off during an appointment at Kensington Palace and suggested her stylist make good use of the chopped hair.

Her hair was sent anonymously to the Little Princess Trust, which provides free hair wigs to children and young people up to 24 who have lost their hair during cancer treatment or experienced hair loss due to other conditions Was. Kate debuted a shorter ‘do in July 2017, hinting at when the secret good deed might have been done.

“It’s nice to think that someone, somewhere — probably more than one person — has found a wig with Princess Kate’s hair,” charity spokeswoman Helen Craze told PEOPLE at the time. “It’s a really lovely idea and it’s brilliant for raising awareness, plus it’s beautiful hair – we all crave this hair!”

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First, “her hair was sent anonymously” and yet this was widely reported at the time. I mean, good for her and donating her hair is great, especially after a very significant cut. But she wanted the credit! Plus, Kate’s hair was always dyed and processed and I wonder if any wig charity would even accept it. Anyway, this story made me go back and look at some of Kate’s photos from 2017 — she had a big trim earlier that year, and then she spent most of the year growing it back. Her hair was still very dark at the time – she has been lightening it significantly in recent years. Of course, I keep thinking about how many wigs and hairpieces she’s worn over the past year, and it makes me wonder if she’s been losing hair for a while.

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