Bitch Prince William will continue to enter the political arena whenever he wants

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British right-wing political activists have been grooming Prince William for the kingship for years. I have been believing for some time that the Tories actually have a long-term plan to make William the useful idiot king of their dreams, and he is too stupid to realize that this is dangerous for the staff of Kensington Palace and Downing Street. It seems political. A turnstile. Even Charles, for all his “political interference”, never surrounded himself with so many political activists from either side. In any case, it is clear that Williams has been missing from his statements regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict/disaster this week. You can tell there is panic all around as the right wing media is struggling to find a way to out William while still being on “their side” at this point.

From what I can see, Downing Street is not publicly angry with William, but government officials are making it abundantly clear that they did not write William’s statement nor did they officially sign it – they Was only “informed” that William was going to dive headfirst into one of the world’s most sensitive political situations. Similarly, Buckingham Palace is not helping William – they are making it clear that they were not given any information about it and the King did not sign off on it. William’s media allies are coming very close to ousting him and KP has been doing damage control for the last 24 hours. Tom Sykes at the Daily Beast also got “sources close to William” to say that William is determined to make a political ass of himself in the future as well:

Interventions on global issues close to Prince William’s heart, such as his dramatic statement on Tuesday calling for an end to the war in Gaza, are likely to be a continuing feature of his tenure as Prince of Wales, sources close to the prince speaking. will continue. On issues that they believe matter.

A palace source told The Daily Beast in an apparent suggestion that Tuesday’s statement — which called for an “end to the fighting” even though Israel strongly opposes calls for a ceasefire — is for the future rather than a one-off. There was a template for the intervention. William will likely comment further on issues of global importance, he said, adding, “When he feels the need to say something, he will.”

Another royal source said William would be less likely to make such outspoken statements if he were king, but added that his father King Charles had created a model whereby the heir to the throne could “speak” on those issues. Who mattered to him. ,

The Daily Beast was previously told by friends of the king that even when he was Prince of Wales he would sometimes stop himself when talking about a pet topic like organic farming, mimicking the handcuffed hands held out in front of him. Used to point. In contrast, William took off those handcuffs today in what has been seen as an effort to establish himself as a global statesman. A palace source speaking to the Times of London called the curtain-raising, pre-publication “porous”, and said it was “a significant intervention”. [HRH] On an important topic that is close to his heart.”

[From The Daily Beast]

Yes, we’ll see if William’s Tory handlers allow him to run around, force him into the political fray in a frankly half-hearted manner. Even Richard Kay at the Daily Mail – one of William’s strongest media allies – Wrote a very harsh column About this whole debacle. Kay quoted anonymous critics who said it was not “We elect the government to run the country. She should keep quiet and take care of the children.” And “Hamas must be dancing with joy that this fool has put his oar in and become part of their mouthpiece.” A message is being sent. The Tory press is desperate to force William to STFU, lest the whole scandal collapse.

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