Bitch Prince William finally has a new private secretary after his previous private secretary quit

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A few days ago, Prince William announced the next Earthshot Awards ceremony Will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, I was really surprised at this news – poor South Africa, I’m sorry you have to host William’s ego and his busyness. If we’re lucky, William will once again talk about how Africans need to stop having babies because their African babies are ruining their royal safaris. He’s said this several times over the years and given his “environmentalist” branding, you know he’s dying to say it again. There’s no word on whether Kate will visit Cape Town later this year, but I have a feeling that no matter what happens between now and then, she won’t be going at all.

Speaking of the Kensington Palace clown show, people seem to forget that William’s private secretary, Jean-Christophe Grey, announced he was quitting that bitch last October. Gray didn’t put any strict timetable on his resignation and I think he wanted to stay on until William Keen was appointed CEO of Kensington Palace. In fact, “KP CEO” was cited as the reason for Gray’s resignation – he wanted no part of William’s lazy scheme, nor did Gray answer to any of the business-world hacks employed by William. Wanted to give. Well, it looks like William finally got a new personal secretary… but still no top CEO.

The Prince of Wales will appoint a former diplomat who was made an MBE for his work on international peacekeeping as his private secretary as he takes on more royal responsibilities. Ian Patrick, who has worked for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and as a geopolitical adviser, will join the Kensington Palace team as part of a restructuring to support the Prince and Princess of Wales.

For some years, the Prince has been taking on an increasingly global role, representing the King and the country on foreign diplomatic trips and traveling for his Earthshot Environment Award. This week, he has faced questions about coming forward to support his father following King’s cancer diagnosis. He is understood to perform select public duties while the king continues to administer all essential functions of the state. On Wednesday, he performed a coronation before giving a speech at an air ambulance fundraiser.

Changes made to the Kensington Palace team ahead of the king’s diagnosis will see the prince and princess have their own private secretaries, with the newly-created role of chief executive yet to be filled. The Princess is recovering from stomach surgery and is not expected to return to work before Easter.

Mr Patrick spent eight years at the Foreign Office and four years working in international peacekeeping in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is a trustee of the charity Crohn’s & Colitis UK.

[From The Telegraph]

I hope Gray leaves KP with good recommendations, because oh lord, did he ever oversee a perfect show. He tried to take care of William for years and now Gray has abandoned KP in the middle of one of his biggest crises – which says a lot, that Gray even stopped to look at William on the other side in this moment. Did not want. As for this new guy… he’s also going to have to take care of the heir and it already feels like the wheels have well and truly come off the bus. In William’s recent appearance, he was clearly under the influence and dropping things. Buckingham Palace is saying they are also “appalled” by William’s recent behaviour. oh good!

By the way, Kate did not have a private secretary from September/October 2022 till today. In a separate Telegraph story, they reported that “the late Queen’s cavalry Lieutenant Colonel Tom White” had originally been appointed as Kate’s private secretary, although given Kate’s abdominal surgery and absence from public view since Christmas, this The news is flying under the radar. Really seems like they just gave this guy a job and he probably hasn’t even met Kate.

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