Bitch Prince Harry likely to attend UK service for Invictus’ tenth anniversary

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During last year’s Düsseldorf Invictus Games, the Windsors and their media handlers screamed, cried, lied, screamed and tried to pretend that Prince William and Kate’s tragic events were in direct competition with the global spotlight the Sussexes were receiving. Windsor also refused to fully accept Invictus, and he evacuated the entire British Invictus team. No tweets of support, no well wishes from King, nothing. There were also some pieces about how the British Invictus team thought the Windsors were petty and mean (true story). The whole affair became even more interesting when NATO Joint Force Commander General Guglielmo Miglietta arrived in Düsseldorf and brought a NATO delegation of 1100 personnel, military family members and students. The Sussexes did a photo-op with General Miglietta and the NATO group, and you can guess who was fuming about all that.

Interestingly, Britain’s Minister for Veterans Affairs Johnny Mercer arrived in Germany midway through the Games. He even sat with Harry and Meghan for the volleyball final and Mercer and Harry were seen in deep conversation several times. Mercer also recorded how Invictus “Truly life changing” And “You can’t underestimate the huge impact [Harry has] Lived in veterans’ care in Britain for several years. As a veteran, I’m incredibly grateful, but I know the nation is incredibly grateful for everything he’s done so far. Mercer didn’t play both sides to the home crowd either – he said Harry was doing amazing and Invictus was amazing. I mention Johnny Mercer because I think he is largely behind the new effort to bring the 2027 Invictus Games to Britain. Oh, and Harry will be attending an Invictus event in London in May.

The Duke of Sussex is expected to return to Britain in May for a service at St Paul’s Cathedral to mark the tenth anniversary of the Invictus Games. The achievement has prompted a government effort to bring Prince Harry’s sporting event back to Britain for wounded servicemen and women. A multi-million pound government bid, backed by private finance, has been made to host the event in Birmingham in 2027.

The Cabinet Office team behind the scheme hopes to fund a four-year programme, which will improve rehabilitation prospects and sporting opportunities for veterans and civilians. The scheme has won the support of the Ministry of Defense and the Royal British Legion. Leading the bid is Veterans Affairs Minister Johnny Mercer, who was flown to Birmingham for treatment after being medically evacuated from Afghanistan.

He said: “It feels like this is the right time and the right place. The greatest power of recovery has always been in sport, has always been in Invictus and was pioneered by the Duke of Sussex in the founding of these Games ten years ago. “It feels like a natural turn of the wheel to come back to the UK and we will do everything we can to win the bid.”

Mercer will host a seminar at the NEC in Birmingham on March 21 to discuss the plan with potential donors. Speakers at the event will also include television presenter and Invictus Games medalist JJ Chalmers, who was injured in a bomb blast while serving with the Royal Marines in Afghanistan in 2011.

Harry, who made the 25-hour trip to Britain this week to see his father following the king’s cancer diagnosis, is expected to announce the winning city for the 2027 Games later this year.

A source close to the project said: “Harry has indicated that he is comfortable returning to the British-based Invictus Games and we understand that the Games have always had the support of the rest of the royal family.”

Others hope Britain hosting the Games can help ease tensions between the Duke and his family. A supporter of Birmingham’s bid said: “I and many others are very hopeful that this can provide a timeline whereby the Duke and the rest of the royal family can find a way to come together in support of a worthwhile cause.”

If Birmingham beats its US rival Washington, it would bring Harry and Meghan back to the UK together for the first time since the late queen’s funeral in September 2022.

[From The Times]

So it’s between Birmingham and Washington? Hadn’t New Zealand also planned to bid? In any case, I fully expect Harry to reject any and all attempts to bring Invictus back to the UK. It’s clearly a trap – the press, government and royals are all salivating at the idea of ​​a three-year “what will happen when the Sussexes arrive in 2027” story. Harry may be giving them a lot of time to plan how they can hurt Meghan and everyone else. However, it is interesting to see the British government openly yearning for the glamor of the Sussexes. Remember how all those royal journalists and photographers ran to Düsseldorf to cover them? Yes. As far as the Invictus service in May…it would be ridiculous if Meghan skipped it. God, the tantrums, I can hear them now.

PS… I was trying to do the math on the Games, traditionally the Games are 14-16 months apart – wouldn’t the next Games be held in late summer 2026 after Vancouver (February 2025)?

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