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When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex lived in the UK, they used “Sussex Royal” branding for their social media. Even when they were leaving the institute, they used To make the public understand what they want and why they are leaving. As part of the Sandringham summit in early 2020, Prince Harry agreed (or was forced) to stop any and all use of “royal” in his branding. No more Sussex Royal Instagram, no updates on, no HRH styling. This was a big reason Harry and Meghan came up with the “Archewell” branding — it connected their son’s name, it wasn’t royal or royal-adjacent, yet it had a kind of vibe to it that they liked. He used the Archewell branding for his production company, audio/podcast company, and his foundation. But guess what they did? They launched something new:

On the face of it, is a more organized way to have some kind of graph between all your projects. The new site contains links to Archewell Productions, the Archewell Foundation and the old site. The new site has more detailed and updated biographies for both Harry and Meghan, which is a good thing because every other week, the webmasters of are doing some new nonsense with their “updates” on Harry and Meghan’s pages and bios. . Playing fast and loose with their titles and HRH styles and trying to undermine the Sussexes’ work.

My favorite part of Meghan’s new biography is that her hellish time in Britain is cut short “In 2018, Meghan married Prince Harry and became the Duchess of Sussex.” While Meghan’s conservation and projects as a working royal have been mentioned (cookbooks, Smartworks), she’s basically making the most effort to distance herself from that family.

Hello magazine report That Harry and Meghan could use as a platform for “personal and official updates”, and that they potentially wanted to launch it before their three-day visit to Canada. Sure. But they were also giving us updates on, so why this new site? While I know they have their reasons – good reasons – for being wary of being online too much, I’m pleading with them to have a greater online presence. Meghan doesn’t even need a personal Instagram, but she must have an Archewell IG. I’m praying they’ll use to like blog about what they’re doing and give us updates on their work in a more direct way. Their old media/comms strategy has been in place for four years and they need to change things up.

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