Bitch Prince Andrew included on King Charles’s ‘scaled-back’ Easter guest list

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Buckingham Palace made a big deal of going “Easter lite” this weekend, meaning special arrangements to limit King Charles’ exposure to crowds and limiting the guest list to just a handful of family members. Was done. At Easter in the past, the entire Windsor clan – including royal cousins ​​and royal-entourage – would all be invited to an Easter service at Windsor, and after church, have lunch at Windsor Castle . Not so much this year – Charles kept the guest list straight, just his siblings and their spouses, and apparently no lunch. Since Prince William and Kate were not there, Charles did not want any of his nieces or nephews to attend (only one nephew did). Apparently even in church he sat somewhat isolated from the rest of his family.

You would think that with this slim guest list, it would have been a perfect opportunity not to invite Prince Andrew. You would be wrong. Prince Andrew was there, Sarah Ferguson was there too. His daughters were not there. I sincerely hope Eugenie and Beatrice spent Easter away from their parents. Princess Anne was there with her husband Tim. Prince Edward and the Duchess of Edinburgh were also there and brought their son James (the new Earl of Wessex). James is the youngest of all the King’s nieces and nephews – I think they deliberately didn’t want the possibility of a 16-year-old being left out.

Yes, then… this would have been a good time to say “Andrew is not welcome.” I’m sure Charles’s reasoning is the same as always, which is that Andrew is welcome at family functions, but not state functions (except coronations, whoopsie). But when the family is making such a huge, visible effort to include a credible accused rapist and trafficker at their special-guest-list events, it says a lot.

Also: The dress code for women appears to be “green dress”. So it’s strange that Sophie was the only one in purple. She also looked like a 1970s hostess.

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