Bitch PEOPLE: Sources swear Prince William will do more work after this week’s holidays

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It’s really funny to see the British media grappling with the monster they helped create. It all started last week, when King Charles announced he had cancer, and Prince Harry flew fourteen hours to check on his father in person. People asked questions like “Where is Prince William” and “What’s really going on with William’s wife” and “Why is William not stepping up for his father” and “Why did William come under influence on a mid-day programme?” Like started asking questions. , Over the weekend, Kensington Palace’s clowns raised a new talking point: Poor William needed time to absorb the news about his father, and he’s been keeping his fingers crossed by taking his kids to school every day. , and he’s struggling with the fact that he’s the heir! It never occurred to KP or William that William really desperately needed to come forward and be seen, and be seen as the 40-year-old heir apparent perfectly poised for this role. Instead, the overwhelming message is this: poor William is paralyzed by laziness, he needs our pity. Anyway, People Magazine tried to curb it with its reporting:

Duty is calling Prince William. As he focuses on his family and caring for his wife, Kate Middleton, who is recovering from stomach surgery, he remains devoted to the monarchy and his father, King Charles, who recently suffered from cancer. They are also giving priority to their duty.

Those different demands have come into focus as the Prince of Wales, 41, took a week off from royal engagements to care for Princess Kate, 42, and their three children — Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis. Have taken. 5 During children’s school holidays. As he does so, there is a discussion about what he should do to care for his father, who is undergoing treatment for an as-yet-unknown cancer.

A friend told People about Prince William’s return to public life, “Considering that his wife has had surgery and he recently learned the news about his father, he is doing remarkably well.” Have been.”

While the separate staffs at Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace respectively are in “constant dialogue”, William has not been asked to do anything specific on his father’s behalf. Last week, a source who knows King Charles told People that he would not place unnecessary burden on his son.

“He wouldn’t want to put pressure on William,” a source close to the royal family tells People. “He always wanted to protect his children from that pressure and that will be the case. Especially since William has other priorities. [with Kate],

After his children leave school, Prince William is expected to resume a full diary of activities as well as taking responsibility for school drop-offs and pick-ups.

A source says Prince William will be seen “more than we’ve seen in the last few weeks” as he heads out covering his range of interests. It would be a sure and positive sign that Princess Kate is doing well enough to be able to do this.

He is likely to attend the Commonwealth Day service on March 11 while Queen Camilla, 76, will represent her husband. There is also a possibility he will attend British film’s biggest night, the Bafta ceremony, on Sunday, although his attendance will depend on the situation at home.

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A week earlier, just before William was to attend an investiture service looking under the influence, Kensington Palace sources told Rebecca English in the Mail: “The Prince has always been clear that his priority right now is to support his wife and family – and he has set no timeline for this. He will return to duty on Wednesday but you should not expect to see him again for some time after that. Sources have also insisted that palace staff are on the fence about William doing anything for Commonwealth Day in March. There’s a very good chance that after William’s “vacation” this week, we still won’t see him for several weeks. So who is giving People Mag the information that William will be back at work next week? I mean, we’ll see, but it’s still pretty remarkable that the only thing that got William out of lazy paralysis was his brother visiting their father.

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