Bitch Mail: Princess Kate’s cancer video ‘hastily taken out’ after her diagnosis ‘leaked’

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In the days before the Princess of Wales made her big cancer-announcement (a video which was released on March 22), one of the biggest stories in the British media was about the investigation into how hospital staff handled Kate’s medical history. Records were accessed. There was a lot of talk about who accessed what and when (and where) and reportedly, by March 20 or so, three employees were under investigation. What was meant to be a sympathetic story for Kate took some strange twists and turns, as I’m pretty sure if someone had access to Kate’s records, they would be able to sell that information to one of the British tabloids. Were doing this for… the same tabloids that were falling all over the place for lying and scamming on Kate’s behalf. Well, Kate’s video changed that whole story. Now the Daily Mail exclusively reports that Kate’s cancer-announcement video happened because someone gained access to her records. The opposite of a sudden need, after months of deception and sabotage.

The Mail reveals the Princess of Wales’s video announcement detailing her cancer treatment was leaked by Kensington Palace aides. Kate Middleton confirmed in a video message on March 22 that she had been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing ‘preventive chemotherapy’ for the disease.

However, a reputable source has revealed that the timing of the video has nothing to do with speculations that may have come from her missing church on Easter morning, but because someone had information about her health condition.

The insider told the Daily Mail’s Ephraim Hardcastle column that Kensington Palace had been contacted about Kate’s diagnosis, but were left with no choice but to move forward with the story.

It is unclear whether the leak came from within the London clinic where the princess had abdominal surgery in January, or elsewhere.

[From The Daily Mail]

It’s really strange/funny that the Mail is reporting this exclusively, when two weeks ago there was a persistent rumor that the Mail was the outlet ready to break the “Kate has cancer” story. My guess is that if the Mail had some or all of the information, they went to Kensington Palace and gave them a warning/deadline to move forward, otherwise the Mail would break the story.

Although this is not the only strange thing – “A reputable source has revealed that the timing of the video has nothing to do with speculation that it may have come from his missing church on Easter morning…” Let’s be clear: Senior sources at Kensington Palace were briefing the media – for a full week before Kate’s video – that Kate would be rehired on Easter Sunday, that she would return to work after her children’s Easter holidays. , Etcetera. Again, Kensington Palace repeatedly destroyed its credibility for three months and it was the most bizarre crisis management/comms strategy I have ever seen in my life.

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