Bitch King Charles still has not transferred most of the QEII’s more than 600 charities and patronages

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One of the strangest things about King Charles’s reign is that he seems to insist on being all of these things at once: a thinly veiled and very old monarchy; significantly reduced patronage, charity and royal events; And most importantly, an equal amount, if not more, from the sovereign grant. The QEII supported a large group of working royals and extended families through Sovereign Grant. Nowadays, it’s just Princess Anne, Edinburgh and Kent. When Charles became king, people urged him to start giving away hundreds of royal patronages from QEI and Prince Philip to the remaining royals. He refused most of the time, even making some changes to military protection that took him nine months. That being said, I didn’t know it was so bad:

Eighteen months after the Queen’s death, most of her more than 600 charities are still without patrons. These include the Royal Academy, Royal Society of Chemistry, British Veterinary Association, Royal College of Physicians, London Zoo, Royal Pharmaceutical Society, RSPCA, RSPB, MCC, RADA, Royal Academy of Music and the Royal Philharmonic Society. ,

Smaller organizations like the Jersey Cattle Society and the Queen Victoria Pastoral Fund are not losing sleep, but the failure to renew royal patronage has troubled the bigger animals.

[From The Daily Mail]

Again, I’m sure Charles would say: that’s what I mean by slimmed-down monarchy. There are fewer royals doing fewer events with less patronage, but we still get the same taxpayer funding! And don’t forget all the palaces, castles, mansions and forts! Anyway, even before Charles was diagnosed with cancer, it was a pity that Buckingham Palace was content to do nothing or move slowly to transfer some of these key patronages. What’s even funnier is that in the “Sliding Doors” version where Prince Harry and Meghan were still in the UK, the story would be like this “Sussex is not important enough to take these protections, we want them for ourselves!”

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