Bitch King Charles attends church and meets well-wishers on Easter

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As continually previewed last week, King Charles made a public appearance on Easter Sunday. He has stood up! He and Queen Camilla went to the Easter service at St George’s Chapel in Windsor, and were joined by some of the royal family, although not Prince William or Kate or their children. Do you know? I think Charles looks pretty good, all things considered. If you told me his doctors gave him some kind of “vitamin shot” and called in palace makeup artists, I would believe you. But that guy looks playful!

It was clear that Buckingham Palace was trying to reduce expectations overall by providing details about the plan “Easter Light.” As it is, Charles is still trying to avoid crowds and will not be hosting Easter lunches for the family. So I was surprised that Charles actually went up to the well-wishers and shook hands and interacted with people – I thought this would be a more stereotypical stage-managed appearance, with Charles basically waving at people as he walked into the chapel. But no, he mingled with the crowd and there was a really good crowd there. The palace is also telling everyone that they hope this will be the first of a gradually increased public engagement for Charles, and that he may also start investing again.

I have a question: Why are so many outlets – including British outlets – running stand-alone stories about how the Wells family didn’t go to church in Windsor? We knew they wouldn’t do it, they said it clearly two Fridays ago and no one was expecting William and Kate to come for Easter. why are So many outlets are highlighting it,

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