Bitch Jeremiah Brent: ‘You blink, and holy sh-t, you’re 40’

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Netflix confirmed in early March that Jeremiah Brent would replace Bobby Burke as interior designer for season 9. strange eye, As soon as the announcement was made, Rolling Stone published an article describing cast member Jonathan Van Ness – the Fab Five’s beauty and hairstyling expert – as a tantrum-throwing diva, reporting accounts from still-shaking unnamed sources. Coming from. And production crew. But that wasn’t enough to send Jeremiah running for the mountains, as filming has already begun in Las Vegas. However, just before production began, Jeremiah spoke to House Beautiful about his new book, the place that keeps youAs well as their family, aging, and of course an insistence that there is “no drama” with the new Fab Five:

Oprah’s Montecito mansion appears in her new book: It is one of 11 homes featured in the book – but unlike typical designer monographs, he did not work on all or most of the projects in it. Instead, The Space That Keeps You is an exploration of old and new photographs, doodles, writings and wide shots. He says it was a battle to get it published. “Very controversial! Everyone wanted me to make a coffee table book of my images, but I didn’t want to put it out there,” he says. Instead, their goal was to “shift the narrative around home, and how we make homes, and what we bring into our spaces.”

Rachel Zoe changed her life twice: “When Jeremiah came into my office 15 years ago, there was just something about him,” Rachel Zoe tells House Beautiful. “He was young and green but had a lot of energy. Although he was selling himself on fashion, his passion was actually interior design – I immediately knew he had a great eye and I wanted to give him a chance. …It was Zoe who, given her interest in interiors, asked her to change careers, and she started her own company in 2011. The following year, he met Berkus at Zoe’s birthday party in New York City, and they married in 2014.

Brent and Berkus, “Digestible Homosexuals”: His business empire and fame rest on his taste and talent, yes, but it’s probably his good looks, undeniable charm, adorable family, and Oprah’s endorsement that have made him your mom’s favorite designer. Brent has described his draw as “digestible gayness”. “We feel a huge responsibility to keep moving that needle forward,” says Brent. She hopes the window of digestibility is changing, and that’s one reason she’s thrilled to join Queer Eye.

And speaking of Queer Eye… Brent is set to begin shooting the Netflix movie just days after chatting with House Beautiful — and just weeks after an alleged uproar over an investigation on set that would explain the departure of the show’s previous design expert, Bobby Burke. appears to be. Of course, Brent is ready to address the report. “I have to tell you, there is no drama with any of us. We’re all in a group chat. We are having the best time of our lives,” he insists. “Everyone’s minds and hearts are in the right place. …Behind the scenes there is an amazing art department and team working hard around the clock. I’m excited to get out there, roll up my sleeves, earn my keep and hopefully show people some really beautiful designs.”

Turned 40: Later this year, Brent turns 40, and it’s a reminder of the fact that eventually a cloud appears over his golden facade. “Why would you bring it up? That’s the worst thing you said to me in this entire interview!” He says this again jokingly. “Show me the birth certificate!” It’s a unique milestone, he says, because he remembers his mother’s fortieth birthday very clearly. “She had a birthday party in our backyard, and I thought, how embarrassing,” he says, miming a withering tone. “Then you blink, and oh my god, you’re 40.” But she counts the blessings of this age, from her children to the husband she “still loves despite his best efforts.”

[From House Beautiful]

Jeremiah should feel nothing but proud on his birthday! He gets paid to do what he loves, has a gorgeous family, and has the best head of hair in the Western Hemisphere. But really, there is no pressure, I know we all celebrate birthdays in our own way. My suggestion would be to order a cake with a frosting inscription that reads “The indigestible homosexual.”

As I’ve said here before, I appreciate it Nate and Jeremiah Home Project, And of course what makes it happen is the mutual relationship between the husbands. You can tell they care about each other, and are still a married couple. So it will be interesting to see Jeremiah in a new setting. There’s a huge difference in the spontaneity and shorthand of working with your spouse, even if he or she already knows the artists. The tight turnaround schedule for each episode is not mentioned. At least the location has changed from summer New Orleans. Can you imagine what that humidity did to Jeremiah’s hair?!

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