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On Tuesday, ahead of his last-minute visit to the British Red Cross headquarters in London, Prince William issued his second statement in 24 hours regarding the ongoing Israel-Palestine crisis and humanitarian disaster. Here’s what William said:

“I am deeply concerned about the terrible humanitarian cost of the conflict in the Middle East since the Hamas terrorist attack on October 7. Too many people have died. I, like many others, want to see an end to the fighting as soon as possible Gaza desperately needs increased humanitarian assistance. It is vital that aid arrives and the hostages are released.”

“Sometimes the importance of lasting peace is understood only when faced with the sheer scale of human suffering. Even in the darkest hours, we must not succumb to the counsel of despair. I hold on to hope that a brighter future can be found, and I refuse to give up.

[Via The Telegraph]

This is the kind of statement one might expect from a Congressman, MP or even the President or Prime Minister. This is not the kind of statement one would expect from the unelected, allegedly apolitical heir to the throne. I still believe it’s all about William’s brand new private secretary (who comes from the diplomatic world) and the new guy just couldn’t say no to William’s worst tendencies. Becky English had a curious piece at the Mail, where she was apparently briefed by Kensington Palace (they’re in cleaning mode) but she also made some interesting points to suggest that all is not well. Some key points:

Downing Street welcomed William’s statement: His statement was released with information from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and was welcomed by Downing Street, which said his ‘measured’ call for an end to the fighting was in line with the government’s position.

Buckingham Palace sits back and watches this play out: Royal aides stressed that it was ‘the extent of human suffering that was on display that had prompted him to make this statement today.’ They would not confirm whether it had the king’s support or not. But father and son met up over the weekend in Norfolk, where Charles is recovering from cancer treatment. However, the statement also puts the heir to the throne at risk of accusations of interference.

Political Peg: Sources close to the heir to the throne acknowledged that issues related to the crisis have been highly politicized. But he stressed that William was following events closely, having traveled extensively to both Israel and the West Bank in 2018. He said he thought “for a long time” about whether or not to say anything, but felt he needed to speak out because of the enormous humanitarian crisis unfolding in the region. Royal aides stressed that William’s words should not be taken as a call for an immediate ceasefire or a comment on the issue of a ‘two-state’ solution, but as a statement of his life as a human being and ‘as a people’ Should be taken as an instinctive reaction to massive damage. Father’.

This is what William will do when he becomes king: Many royal insiders see the statement as an example of William’s distinctive vision for the monarchy and his willingness to speak his mind on important issues. Sources close to the prince have long told the Mail that he believes the institution needs to ‘better explain its thinking, particularly in terms of its place in the world’.

The Tories are crazy: Tory peer Stewart Jackson described the Prince’s intervention as ‘ill-timed and misjudged’. Conservative MP Andrew Percy, vice-chairman of the Anti-Semitism All-Party Parliamentary Group, said: ‘The underlying principle of our constitutional monarchy is that members of the Royal Family do not get involved in the controversial political issues of the day. There are different beliefs in this country and they persist strongly.

Currently the government is supporting them: Number 10 was not informed in advance of the Prince’s statement, and the Prime Minister is said to have told aides that what William said reflected his own views. A Whitehall source said the prince’s comments would accelerate the pursuit of peace. “Whenever the royals speak, people listen,” the source said.

[From The Daily Mail]

Everyone is choosing their words very carefully. The Sunak government was “informed” of William’s statement. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office was “aware” of the statement before it was issued. All this means that Downing Street did not write it, and neither did the Foreign Office. That means the whole thing was orchestrated within Kensington Palace, with a private secretary who has only been in the job for a few days and a prince surrounded by Tory operatives, sycophants and lazy fools. Even Kensington Palace won’t say If King Charles was informed, or even agreed, with William’s statement. Well, at least no one is talking about William’s terrible BAFTA mistake anymore. Which honestly could be an issue. No one is talking about how Kate hasn’t been seen in two months.

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