Bitch ‘Gossip with Celebs’ Podcast #168: Camila happy to ‘finish in last place’

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Intro: minutes 0 to 5:45
My finger was cut and required stitches. I watched the movie Chandra recommended in our previous episode, anatomy of fallAnd liked it. may december Was ok. I really liked Nyad And it motivated me to work out. we look forward to seeing poor things And American fiction, You can listen below!

Royals: minutes 5:45 to 24:00
While we were on vacation, Kate was admitted to the hospital for abdominal surgery. We hear the surgery was successful and it will take several months for him to recover. Shortly after the news broke about Kate’s surgery, we heard that Charles was scheduled for treatment for an enlarged prostate. Kate’s medical condition is unclear.

We heard that William was focused on his family, visiting Kate and taking care of his children. However he was only seen at the London clinic where Kate was once recovering. We haven’t heard about Middleton or Kate’s kids meeting them. Charles had a prostate procedure at the same hospital, and Camilla was seen visiting several times. There was a story that photographers were only allowed out of the hospital for one day during Kate’s hospitalization but Camilla showed that was not true. We heard that Charles met Kate when they were in the same hospital, but it wasn’t like William met Charles.

Camilla was happy to represent the royal family and even made a few appearances while Charles was hospitalized. There were stories about how she was the power behind the throne and stood on the throne for the last time.

William reportedly picked up Kate from the hospital at 11am on Monday, January 29. It is being said that she is recovering at home. There were no pictures of William in the hospital. Just hours later, Camilla picked up Charles from the same hospital and they were photographed leaving together.

On Monday afternoon February 5th our time we heard that Prince Charles has cancer! At that time he had known for a week. So Camila’s appearance after the diagnosis and before the announcement to the public seemed cold, especially given that message.

Stories in the Spanish press claimed that Kate was in critical condition, despite reports that she was fine and recovering. Palace sources denied that she was in a coma. Concha Calleja, the Spanish reporter who broke the story, said in an interview that she trusted her sources and sticks to its reporting,

Ever since the King’s prostate procedure, Rota has been catching “Where’s Harry?” Just after Charles’ cancer diagnosis was announced, it was reported that Harry would be traveling to England. Harry arrived in London on Tuesday and went straight to Clarence House. He met Charles for only 45 minutes at Clarence House. They met alone, and Camila was not there. After this Charles left for Sandringham in a helicopter. Harry stayed in a hotel on Tuesday night and left on Wednesday morning.

The constant chorus of “Harry should come back, and maybe Meghan too” is criticizing Harry for meeting his father and making it clear what they will do with the Sussexes.

We know that Harry didn’t see William because we heard that William refused to see him and didn’t trust him. Of course, there were stories attacking Harry for daring to come to Britain to meet his father.

William stood in Charles’ place at an investiture service on Wednesday. He did not look calm, That night William went to an air ambulance charity event. A reporter asked a question and he said, “We really appreciate everyone’s kind messages.” A source told the Daily Mail that this is all we can expect from William for some time. It appears that William is unwilling to put in the work to become king and Charles does not want to cede any power to him. Here are links to stories criticizing Williams from Hardman’s book. William is focused on hating Harry.

Comments of the week: until 24:00 minutes end
Chandra’s COTW from Harper’s is on the post about Prince William not wanting to take on additional responsibilities.

My COTW is from Jace on the post about Tracy Chapman’s performance at the Grammys. Thanks for listening, bitch!

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