Bitch Getty added a disclaimer to its Princess Kate cancer announcement photo

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Even if you believe that the Princess of Wales’s cancer-announcement video was absolutely true, do you also believe that Kensington Palace and the BBC should have done more to establish the credibility of the video? That was the whole purpose of KP bringing in BBC Studios to film the video – BBC Studios was apparently lending authenticity to a credibility-challenged castle, one that was in the midst of controversy after a number of deeply questionable doctored photographs were released. I was surrounded by it, not to mention its strangeness. They’re all “Kate philosophy.” Last week, The Washington Post finally got KP on the record about the deepfake allegations, specifically regarding the cancer announcement video. KP’s response was that the allegations of AI tampering were “factually incorrect.” The BBC remained tight-lipped and refused to say anything more than yes, they filmed it. Deep Media, an AI expert contacted by WaPo, said he thought there was a “high probability” that Kate’s face and voice in the video were AI-manipulated, but other AI experts disputed the allegations. Rejected. Well, now Getty Images has added an editor’s note to a screenshot of the video:

(Editor’s note: This handout image was provided by a third-party organization and may not follow Getty Images’ editorial policy.) Kensington Palace, in this handout provided by Catherine, Princess of Wales during a recorded Gone, visible in individual video messages. , providing an update on his health, recorded in Windsor on 20 March 2024 and broadcast in London, England on 22 March 2024. The Princess of Wales had stomach surgery earlier this year and was later diagnosed with cancer. She said she was undergoing chemotherapy and asked for privacy for herself and her family. (Photo by BBC Studios/Kensington Palace via Getty Images)

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I’ll admit I didn’t think to check Getty Images before now, so I don’t know if the editor’s note has always been there (from Friday March 22) or whether it was added later. While this is a straightforward acknowledgment that the photo is just a screencap of a video released by the palace, it is the same kind of disclaimer that Getty has added to other photos released by the palace, such as KP’s release of Queen Elizabeth Photo with white photo of the second grandchildren, reportedly “taken by Kate.” did it Dive deeper into Getty’s editorial policy And when and how they can add such disclaimers. I did a simple search on Getty Images, “This handout image was provided by a third-party organization and may not follow Getty Images’ editorial policy” and the only other photos with that note are from NASA handouts. Then… KP wants to continue to behave as if he hasn’t been caught manipulating the photos, and he’s doing nothing to re-establish credibility among the general public looking for conspiracies.

Screencap video courtesy of Kensington Palace.

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