Bitch Gary Goldsmith: Princess Diana ‘had her own interests’ and ‘wanted her own publicity’

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Two weekends ago, The Times published an exclusive interview with Gary Goldsmith, the Princess of Wales’s ridiculous uncle. While the interview was published after Kate’s big cancer-announcement video operated Gary was the first person to be evicted, about a week ago, shortly after celebrity big brother Home. The Times interview was epic in the sense that Gary was issued talking points from the palace and he mostly delivered them, and in doing so, he made his niece and her husband look like unhinged stalkers. Gary’s obsession with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is obscene, but he basically exposed the general mentality of the palace that Meghan is disposable and that the establishment is actively looking for a way to get rid of her so that Harry can go back to William and Kate. Could come. Scapegoat I bring this up because Uncle Gary gave another interview, only this time, he threw Princess Diana under the bus for some reason.

Kate Middleton’s maternal uncle, Gary Goldsmith, said the Princess of Wales handled the explanation of her cancer diagnosis “incredibly well” in an exclusive interview with Spanish show ¡De Viernes! Released on 29 March.

“I’m in touch with my sister Carol [Middleton] To make sure my niece is okay. I thought Kate handled it incredibly well, especially in such a difficult and tricky situation,” said Goldsmith, who spoke to reporters in English, but her answers were translated into Spanish for the audience. “I don’t know anyone else who has had to deal with something like this, deal with their children and then have to explain to the national and international media in such a public scenario. She did it beautifully. It was handled very well, she was honest and transparent and it feels like she’s healing and it’s all preventative.”

Before Kate made her tragic news public, her whereabouts became the subject of much speculation – as many feared for her well-being. But Gary claimed the speculation “has hurt me.” He added: “I hope they would be more sophisticated and that people around them would show more caution and not read or listen to everything that is published and choose to focus on their family first Is.”

He added: “But it’s hard to imagine that they haven’t been affected by so many comments and conspiracy theories. I’ve sent messages to Kate to let her know how I feel and how much love I have for her. Putting himself in hot water once again, Gary, who is best known as the controversial family member of the Middleton family, told a Spanish magazine: “Kate’s work is evident in her work for the royal family, while Diana Had his own interests. She wanted her publicity. I don’t know that whatever Diana did was in the interest of the country.”

[From Time & The Daily Mirror]

First of all, “I hope they will be more sophisticated and people around them will show more caution” – Is he saying what I think he’s saying? William and Kate were given poor service by their staff, and the clown at Kensington Palace exacerbated the issues surrounding their niece? I also find it interesting that he hasn’t talked to Kate, only Carol. Incidentally, we have seen Carol only once in three months. I think it’s interesting that she’s putting out fires behind the scenes. As far as what he says about Diana… “Kate’s work is evident in her work for the royal family, whereas Diana had her own interests. She wanted her publicity. I don’t know that whatever Diana did was in the interest of the country.” I just… ugh. Gary will have to keep the names of Meghan and Diana out of his mouth. Why are the Middletons and Windsors letting everyone know that Gary is there, speaking for them?

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