Bitch Edie Falco on growing up kids: ‘When those little kids disappear – it’s like a death’

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About a month ago, I was taking my children to school, when my elder son suddenly asked me, “Mom, your younger child will turn 10 this year, how do you feel about it?” I was a little taken aback by the randomness of the question, so I responded somewhat generically that he’ll always be my little boy, no matter how old he grows. It hadn’t really registered with me yet that he was entering that “double-digit” era, so I didn’t really think about mourning what it meant to leave those single-digit years behind. That he will embrace his autonomy and independence more.

Edie Falco’s kids are a little older than my kids. They have a 19-year-old son named Anderson and a 16-year-old daughter named Macy. Eddie is the guest on this week’s episode of Christina Applegate and Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s podcast, Messy. During their appearance, they started talking about how time really does fly after becoming parents, and Eddie shared how much he misses when his kids were little.

“Nobody talks about when those little kids disappear — it’s like a death,” says Falco, 60, whose son, Anderson, is 19 and whose daughter, Macy, is 16. It is one year old.

Falco swapped parenting stories and more with her Sopranos star Jamie-Lynn Sigler on the second episode of Sigler’s new podcast Messy with Christina Applegate, PEOPLE has an exclusive of the podcast episode ahead of its March 26 premiere. There is a preview.

Sigler, 42, whose two boys, Jack and Beau, ages 5 and 10, are still in puberty, but she says on the podcast that she’s “keeping up with all the little kid stuff” like losing her son Jack right now. His first tooth is gone and his hands “still have no knuckles.”

“It scares me to know we’re never going to get her back,” says Applegate, whose daughter Sadie is 13.

Falco says she treasures her memories of those early days. “Early parenting stuff is crazy but it’s some of the most divine, precious hours of my life,” nurse Jackie Starr says on the podcast. “When you’re watching TV and it’s quiet they Both fall asleep on top of you and you realize, ‘Oh my God, I didn’t know I could feel this much love.’ And then they’re gone forever, and they’re just memories on your iPhone!”

Applegate, who admitted that living with multiple sclerosis has changed the way she becomes a parent, jokes that she wants to keep her daughter with her as much as possible, for as long as possible: “I told Sadie Said when she goes to college, no matter where it is, I’ll hang out with her. I highly encourage Los Angeles-based universities. I say, ‘Why would you live in a dorm when we have our own nice house ?’ I’m doing everything I can to keep him here.”

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I understand what Eddie means. It’s sad when you realize that your kids have grown out of their past and that era is over. However, I try not to let myself get into that headspace. I didn’t think about my child turning 10 this year because that means we’re practically a year away –ugh– Middle school, which basically means he’s practically a high school student and is almost ready to go to college, which means… you get the point, hahaha. Do you know the saying, “Getting older is a blessing?” Well, I try to see it as a blessing as my children grow up and see them go through new stages and milestones in life. I guess to use Edie’s own terminology, if the end of the little baby stage is akin to death, then watching each new milestone as they grow into their own little people is like starting a new life. Is.

Oh, and that conversation in which my older son asked me how I felt about him turning 10 this year? It ended with him saying: “When I’m 10, that means I’m going to get rusty next time [tetanus] shot. I don’t want to get vaccinated, but I know it will be best for my health, so I will take it without crying. Are you old enough to go to the pediatrician’s office while being aware of and agreeing to getting vaccinated? There are certainly some benefits to the disappearance of the “little kid” phase.



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