Bitch Eden: Will Princess Kate be well enough to attend Jake Craig’s cousin’s wedding?

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Around this time eight years ago, Prince William had decided to leave his wife and children to go gallivanting to Kenya for four to five days, coinciding with the Easter holidays in 2016. It was a big deal — it was Princess Charlotte’s first Easter, and Kate reportedly took George and Charlotte to her parents’ house while William was pretending to conduct state business, while he was actually visiting Jake. Dropping everything to attend Craig’s wedding. Eight years ago, even the royalist media was attacking William for his choice and poor approach in abandoning his wife and children during a Christian holiday so he could spend some time with an ex-girlfriend. There is no evidence that Kate was even invited, nor that Jake or William wanted Kate there. William is the one who has always been close to the Craig family, while Kate has spent years jealous and copying Jacca’s style and energy. So, here’s something curious in Richard Eden’s Mail column: Eden was wondering if Kate would recover in time to fly to Kenya to attend the wedding of a relative of Jake Craig.

Here’s something the Princess of Wales is looking forward to when she recovers: I hear that two of her old friends are getting married in a place close to her heart.

Joss Craig, 29, whose father, William, runs the 55,000-acre Lewa Wildlife Conservation Society in Kenya, has got engaged to Miranda Simpson, the sanctuary’s British equestrian manager. Lewa, in the foothills of Mount Kenya, is the romantic spot where Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton in 2010. ‘Wouldn’t it be great if Katherine could attend the wedding?’ A friend says.

When Joss’s cousin, Batiaan Craig, got married in 2008, the future king attended the wedding, even though it was held on the same day as the wedding of his cousin, Peter Phillips.

William spent some of his gap year before university in Kenya. She was rumored to have conducted a ‘fake engagement’ ceremony with Batian’s sister, Jekka, who was the guest of honor at her 21st birthday party.

[From The Daily Mail]

So… Bettian and Jekka are brother and sister and Joss is their cousin. I’m just trying to get the family tree straight! I mean, considering that William dropped everything to attend both Batiaan and Jekka’s weddings (eight years apart), I’d say this report is a sign of William heading to Kenya once again. is a harbinger of sorts, while Kate stays at home. It’s actually been a minute since William visited Kenya, hasn’t it? He visited Kenya in 2018, but that was probably the last time? It really feels like she actually said goodbye to Jekka when she had her secret pregnancy and then the sudden Easter wedding.

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