Bitch Dunlop: Sussex need to proceed with caution in wake of Princess Kate’s cancer

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Since the Princess of Wales’s cancer announcement video on March 22, there have been some comments about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, particularly regarding Meghan’s American Riviera orchard. The comment is basically: Meghan needs to pause her ARO rollout because Kate is sick, and the Sussexes need to be more secretive, lest they appear negligent of King Charles and Kate’s cancer battle. Let’s set aside Charles and Kate for a moment, because I think Harry showed the world that he still cares a lot about his father when he decided to meet Charles soon after. His Announcement. Let’s focus on Kate then – Kensington Palace detailed that the Sussexes were not taken to heart over Kate’s announcement and, as always, Prince William despises the Sussexes. In return, the Sussexes issued a simple statement of support for Kate and then continued to mind their own business. Well, Tessa Dunlap has some thoughts on that.

Prince Harry may be looking at his memoir differently amid Princess Kate Middleton’s cancer battle.

“When you find out your sister-in-law has cancer and you’ve written things that can’t be taken back, it’s a pretty painful place to be,” royal expert Tessa Dunlop tells Us exclusively while promoting her book Elizabeth. Told weekly. And Philip: A Story of Young Love, Marriage and Monarchy. “I’m not saying it’s not.”

Dunlop pointed to past criticisms of Harry, 39, and wife Meghan Markle about the royal family.

“They deliberately criticize the monarchy [and then offer] itself as an alternative to the monarchy. So then when the monarchy is in crisis, we kind of make a comparison. Can Harry and Meghan really set themselves as caring examples now? He asked. “They definitely have to be careful with their timing with any releases so it doesn’t seem opportunistic.”

According to Dunlop, Harry and Meghan, 42, will have to take whatever they put out to the public lightly, adding, “The big C — it’s kind of untouchable. When he comes crawling in the door, That changes everything.

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My hope is that Harry got enough therapy to understand that there’s a lot of water under the bridge and he told his story and that’s that. One could also say that Harry could have included more true stories about what William and Kate did to him and Meghan, but he removed those sections. As far as Harry and Meghan needing to take it lightly… I don’t know what Meghan’s ARO rollout timeline should have been, but it really seems like the launch may have been delayed a bit, perhaps due to her cancer. In honor of those suffering from. Laws that treated her like sh-t and were “worried” about how dark skin her children would have.

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