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So far, the Duchess of Sussex has only given us an Instagram account, a short video, and the name of her new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard. We haven’t seen any product, nor have we received confirmation that Meghan is planning to launch a Netflix food/cooking show. As I’ve said before, Meghan’s trademark binge-binge is not a sign that ARO is some big brand that sells everything from dog food to makeup. She’s just trademarking everything so that stupid haters don’t take away the rival ARO trademarks/products. I really believe that Meghan is probably going to start relatively small – jams, soaps, cookbooks, cookware, things like that. Obviously, we still haven’t heard much information from Meghan, which is driving people crazy. Speaking of, Page Six had a lengthy article on how Meghan’s ARO is a topic of discussion in California society.

Questions about ARO: Key questions remain about the brand: who’s investing in it, who’s working on it — and who’s making the goods, which will range from jams and jellies to candles, skin care and pet food ? Well-respected sources at other lifestyle brands tell Page Six that American Riviera Orchard is the buzz on industry WhatsApp groups around Los Angeles. However, apparently, they haven’t heard anything yet about Markle hiring buyers or a sourcing team. An insider who knows the Sussexes told Page Six it feels like a typical Markle project: lots of glamour, a little substance. “They [Harry and Meghan] Keep making frequent announcements and getting things done very quickly… to what extent?” the insider said. Sources close to Markle reveal that no timeframe has yet been given for an actual product launch.

Who is Meghan working with? However, Page Six can confirm that finance types Markle and Prince Harry have been joined by Wall Street billionaire Ken Griffin and cosmetics mogul Victoria Jackson and her husband, multi-millionaire guru Bill Guthy, both close friends of the Sussexes. Seen networking – not investing. Nor does Ari Emanuel, the head of WME, the talent mega-agency that signed Markle about a year ago. Markle is believed to have worked with Hollywood money man Adam Liling on the project. The project would tie in with Markle’s new Netflix show, which she is said to be filming now, following in the footsteps of Martha Stewart and Joanna Gaines.

Lily Bunny Garden!! When she was interviewed for The Cut in 2022, Markle gifted the writer a basket of homemade fruits and vegetables, as well as a jar of jam with a customized label from Etsy. It says Lily Bunny Garden + Larder, named after her daughter Princess Lilibet – could this be a hint about her pantry products? Whatever the case, she is already adding to the troubles of her neighbors. Kerry Clasby, an organic farmer who runs Malibu Fig Ranch and supplies top celebs including Tom Colicchio and Jean-Georges Vongerichten, said Markle also needed to be diligent about using the name America Rivera — which sounds posh. Santa Barbara is a nickname for the area, which also includes Montecito. “If you’re calling it the American Riviera, you should really say [sourcing ingredients] Grown in Santa Barbara,” Clasby told Page Six. “Otherwise, you’re going to the bulk dump in Downtown LA, where all the product comes from Mexico or Chile. the kitchen should be there too [in the Santa Barbara area], unless they’re just putting their name on it and getting it built somewhere, or have it built already. And then there’s this publicity.

Local farmers were not contacted?? Although Markle has been spotted at the Montecito Farmers Market, Sam Edelman, general manager of The Santa Barbara Certified Farmers Market Association, tells Us that, to his knowledge, the Duchess is not working with any of the group’s farmers. However, if Markle wants to sell anything at her local farmer’s market, she’s going to have to get her hands dirty. “California is very strict about requiring us to indicate that we grow what we sell,” said Maureen Claffey, who with her husband owns the Red Hen Cannery in Carpinteria, California. “To sell strawberry jam at the farmer’s market, you have to grow strawberries.” Claffrey became a fan of Markle after meeting her: “My daughter had set up a little cotton-candy stand and [Markle and Prince Harry] Bought cotton candy from him. Meeting them and seeing how they reacted to my daughter and how positive they were on a stormy day meant a lot. It says a lot about how people behave with children when there is no one around.

Meghan praised Gwyneth’s Goop: “Everyone is speculating about American Riviera Orchard,” the lifestyle figure said. “But someone like Gwyneth started by sending a newsletter once a week and it was very personal, like Substack is now. But it was a very new idea at the time, but they didn’t monetize the business for about seven years. The goal was to create a community and something of value rather than being a business. They did not take any external funding until 2015. With Goop, everything that happened happened from a very gradual, authentic place… Gwyneth didn’t set out to make it what it is today.’

[From Page Six]

Re: Goop… I’ve been here since the beginning of Goop and it’s true that Gwyneth moved very slowly when it came to monetizing it. It was actually a weird rich-women’s newsletter about dieting and juice cleansing in the old days. Now it’s a makeup line, a skincare line, fashion collabs, brick-and-mortar stores, and more. It took Gwyneth seven to eight years to actually figure out how to make money from Goop. But… Meghan’s The Tig was also the beginning of ARO. She also runs a successful lifestyle blog, so in a way, ARO is picking up where she left off. Also, as I said in the intro, I really believe Meghan is going to start with a relatively small product line and she’ll likely grow ARO from there. Also: Now I’m curious how she’s sourcing a potential jam line.

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