Bitch Don’t expect Prince William to ‘do anything about the future’ until Kate recovers

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I’m still trying to understand what exactly happened last week, King Charles’s cancer diagnosis, Prince Harry’s quick meeting with his father, and William completely freaking out and giving Harry the information. As such, Charles and William were not projecting confidence or stability, and by the end of the week, William seemed completely disinterested and completely obsessed with bad-mouthing Harry to everyone. To William’s consternation, his people were telling friendly reporters that William would not be returning to work for another month or more. It became the focus of several articles in the Telegraph and Times of London this weekend. While it’s clear that Kensington Palace is working overtime to portray William in a positive light, there are actually some interesting criticisms coming as well. some highlights This Telegraph excerpt:

Prince William’s role has never been more important: At 41, just 17 months into the job, the prince’s role as the next heir to the throne has never been more important. But this week, he has found himself – as one source delicately put it – in an “undesirable situation”. “This is…sub-optimal,” said another.

William’s attendance at the investiture ceremony last Wednesday: At the most recent investiture, William looked a little thinner, a little more worried, than he had in recent times. As a military band played the national anthem, he blinked rapidly while furrowing his eyebrows to the tune of ‘God Save the King’ – the tune was so familiar, the keyword “King” was still very new to the country. Later that night, at a hotel for a London air ambulance grand fundraiser, he was like his old self, leaning over to talk to fellow air ambulance helicopter pilots and the patients they rescued; clapping Tom Cruise on the shoulder and making fun of his Top Gun-themed shoes.

King Charles does not delegate any royal duties to William: Sources insist that William will not take on many of the king’s engagements, with both Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace being careful not to make sweeping changes to the public face of the monarchy before necessary. As one palace aide says: “The king is still the king.” In other words, he can and will still fulfill his state duties. The only current hole will be outside the palaces, where more than 500 of the activities they do each year will be temporarily sidelined to reduce the risk to their health.

William can’t win!! “William can’t really win over this,” worries one long-term royal observer. “Either he remains calm and continues his program, and people say he is not moving forward. Or he moves on, and people think he’s trying to be like the king or – worse – that his father isn’t capable and he needs to move on. A palace source said there were “constant conversations” between the king and Prince William’s teams, but it was not expected that the prince would take on all of his father’s engagements – it was a mutual decision.

Poor William: “This week has been a reminder that yes they [the Royal Family] They’re in these public positions, but they’re also human beings,” says a person who knows Williams. “Think about it: her partner, who she’s been with since university, has had major surgery. They have three children and everyone is worried about keeping everything normal for them. Then did you find out that your father has cancer? It’s only been four days.”

William dutiful: “He is very aware of the future that lies ahead of him,” a source said of William. “They [the Waleses] He takes his commitment to duty and service very seriously, and has made decisions about his life based on being the heir to the throne. This puts a constant burden on his mind.

William won’t do anything until Kate gets back on her feet: First and foremost, his priority is to see the princess safely back on her feet. A former royal aide said, “Don’t expect him to say or do anything about the future until his wife recovers.” “He will always do the right thing, and for his wife and father right now that also means not taking too many steps forward.”

[From The Telegraph]

Press/Royal Establishment: William, you have to do something, you have to show up, you have to show up at events and make it feel like the monarchy is in steady hands, no matter what.

William: No, I think I’d get drunk at some event, scream about Harry for 72 hours, moan about how I can’t win, and then tell everyone they should expect me to do this big thing. Should not be done in the next two months.

“Don’t expect him to say or do anything about the future until his wife gets well.” There’s also a very interesting timeline – the changing goalposts are remarkable to watch as everyone works out in real time that William simply refuses to “step up” and do anything.

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