Bitch DM: With the Windsors in ‘crisis’, it’s clear the Sussexes should have stayed!

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Is this the week the royal dam broke? Has this changed irreversibly, or is it just a “bad week” and everything will be forgotten as soon as the Princess of Wales, fully rested from her emergency BBL, comes out for public engagements? I don’t know, but it definitely feels like more people are paying attention to the royal clown show and that’s because no one, from the royals to their staff, can do their jobs properly. Whose fault is that? You guessed it, Harry and Meghan! At least according to the Daily Mail’s Maureen Callahan, who wrote a particularly horrifying account of how everything is collapsing in Windsorville and how Harry and Meghan don’t even have the decency to run back to Windsor to save it. Some highlights: “A soul-crushing picture of the royals in crisis: Disgraced Andrew given star billing as Kate and Charles recover… Wills goes missing… and Harry and Meghan sulk in Montecito. Maureen Callahan asks: How does the monarchy come back from this?

A royal disaster: The weak monarchy that King Charles desired is now, very quickly, in crisis. Prince William’s absence from Tuesday’s memorial service for his godfather, King Constantine of Greece – announced only 46 minutes before William’s scheduled arrival – shines a blinding light on this unfolding disaster…the responsibility for which falls on William Abandoned, but his sudden withdrawal from Constantine’s service, for unknown ‘personal reasons’, is another rift. Additionally, it is understood that William’s absence had nothing to do with the sudden death of Tom Kingston, the 45-year-old husband of Lady Gabriella Windsor (Charles’ second cousin), which was announced just hours later. Without William’s expected presence, a hole has been left in the House of Windsor.

Kate is more important than the king: However, Kate’s absence is felt more keenly. She is unquestionably the most charismatic and glamorous member of The Firm. William, for all his dignified and happy dutifulness, seems dull without her. It is Kate who gives William true glamour. It is Kate, more than her husband or any other royal, who embodies youth and futurism. And with William on revised duty, the monarchy not only feels rusty and dusty – it also feels under threat.

Why can’t Harry and Meghan come back?? In the wake of recent reports that ecclesiastical Prince Harry was looking for a way back into the royal family, and that a faction in the palace was ready for a reconciliation, this makes Charles go soft. Too soft, perhaps, and too hopeful. If only Harry and Meghan weren’t ungrateful. I wish they were not so angry and distrustful. I wish he had stayed put, serving the monarchy and doing everything he could to ensure the future of the monarchy. He would have had the full confidence of the British people, who would have embraced him as before. For Harry and Meghan, their time would have been now. They would have been front and centre, with students called to lead roles, taking Wells’ place during Kate’s recovery, Charles’s illness and raising their three children. Meghan was, at last, having her Norma Desmond moment, striding toward the camera under a permanent white-hot spotlight. The entire stage would have been his. regret.

LMAO: Do Harry and Meghan even realize what they have lost? What price will their own children have to pay for this? To the British people? In an alternate universe, Tuesday’s service would have seen the Duke and Duchess of Sussex leading the way, standard bearers of an intact monarchy, thin but mighty, equipped with key players of gusto and gusto, style and star power. Instead, we were forced to encounter a brazen Prince Andrew in full swing, chest thrust forward, smiling broadly, radiating the aura of complete confidence as a royal alpha male Was. What an insult to Prince William. What an insult to Princess Anne, who is after her disgraced brother. Their workload and dedication to the monarchy should be better.

Where does this leave the royal family? The future of the monarchy was bleak with the death of Queen Elizabeth and further diminished by Kate’s departure? Could the disintegration of the once-strong royal family, whose multi-generational strength was on display every year on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, pose an existential threat?

[From The Daily Mail]

We all knew this was going to happen, as soon as “locals” started talking about the mysteries surrounding Kate’s disappearance, the bigger conversation started about William looking drunk, upset, and unprepared. So it was not mentioned at all. Of course it’s all Harry and Meghan’s fault! Why couldn’t they survive and endure the abuse for years to become a convenient scapegoat for William and Kate for the rest of their lives?? Why didn’t Harry and Meghan want this? Yes, and here’s something else – nothing has gone right with that family since Sexxit. I’m not saying that Meghan’s ancestors placed a curse on leftists, but I’m not saying that either. The way everything has unfolded in the last four years has been really something different. I also keep thinking about the agreement that William and Charles made around the Sussexes – that Charles would sign off on ousting the Sussexes with the understanding that William and Kate would eventually “move on”. Oh well – I’ve never been happier to see a Sussex team out when the batting was good.

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