Bitch Blind Item: Who is the ‘complete idiot’ A-lister who yelled at Rebecca Ferguson?

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Rebecca Ferguson is currently promoting dune 2And she recently sat down for an extended interview reign with josh smith podcast. The podcast format being what it is, it gave Ferguson a chance to be spontaneous enough to spill some interesting tea. Keep in mind, over the past decade, Ferguson has become a secret “movie star” and a part of two major franchises, dune And Impossible Goal, She has that Cate Blanchett chameleon quality, where she can look really completely different and play very different roles. All this means that she’s worked with a lot of people and one of them – an A-lister, she says – yelled at her and made her so upset that she refused to work with him.

Rebecca Ferguson is revealing she refused to work with a big-name costar because the man yelled at her. Speaking on the Rain with Josh Smith podcast, the 40-year-old actress recalled the moment she encountered “an absolute idiot as a costar.”

“I remember there was a moment and this person was so insecure and angry because this person couldn’t bring up the scenes,” she said, declining to identify the person. Meanwhile, she confirmed that it was not Hugh Jackman, with whom she starred in the 2021 film Reminiscence, or Tom Cruise, with whom she starred in Mission: Impossible.

“And I think I was so insecure and uncomfortable that I was yelled at,” Ferguson said. “But since this person was number one on the call sheet, there was no safety net for me. That’s why no one patted me on the back. And I would cry while leaving the set.

The Dune: Part Two star revealed that the man would say things like, “You call yourself an actor?” and “Is this what I want to work with?”

“I was standing there breaking down,” Ferguson said. However, the Mission: Impossible actress confronted the man despite being “so scared.”

“I looked at this guy and I said, ‘You can fuck off. I’m going to work towards the tennis ball.’ ‘I never want to see you again,’” Ferguson recalled. “And then I remember the producers coming in and saying, ‘You can’t do this to be number one. We have to let this person stay on the set.

Ferguson revealed that she requested him to act from the back of her co-star’s head. “And I did,” she said. “I thought this shouldn’t happen. And I remember going to the director afterwards and saying, ‘What’s going on?’ The director said, ‘You are right. I’m not taking care of everyone else. I’m trying to upset this guy because he’s so unstable,” she said. “And it was great from that moment on but it took me a long time to get there.”

This incident proved to be a turning point for the Silo actress. “From that moment on, I never let myself get to the point where I got home and went, ‘Why did this happen?’ ,

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So, it’s a blind thing – she says it wasn’t Tom Cruise or Hugh Jackman, as I believe (Jackman and Cruise’s co-stars always praise them). I also believe it wasn’t Timothée Chalamet – they seem totally fine with each other. she was in doctor sleep With Ewan McGregor (which I never saw) but Ewan is not the type to behave like that (once again, all his co-stars admire him). she was in Snowman with michael fassbender, life with jake gyllenhaal and girl in the train With Emily Blunt. And he worked with Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep Florence Foster Jenkins (And Hugh, always grumpy, even praised her in interviews). Yeah…my guess is Jake, but who knows.

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