Bitch Ben Affleck’s latest Dunkin’ Donuts Super Bowl ad features J.Lo, Tom Brady and Matt Damon

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Ben Affleck is the brand ambassador of Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s been over a year since Ben went viral for repeatedly making all of his Dunkin’ Donuts stops and deliveries. Ben has turned brand ambassadorship into something lucrative by directing his own commercials and featuring his wife and his friends in the ads. Last year’s Super Bowl ad was super cute, featuring Ben “working out” at the Dunkin’ drive-thru, then being surprised by Jennifer Lopez. For this year’s Super Bowl ad, Ben went even bigger, posing with Jack Harlow, Tom Brady, Matt Damon, Fat Joe, and of course J.Lo. Brought.

I mean…it’s cute and adorable at the same time. Jennifer Lopez supporting her husband’s Dunkin’ Donuts brand ambassadorship will always be funny to me, and if you look closely, they did a little promo for her new album and the Amazon Prime movie “This Is Me…Now” Have added. However, is Ben finding a way to bring in Tom Brady, Jack Harlow, and Matt Damon? I’m curious if those guys are being paid big bucks for the Super Bowl ad or if they’re just doing it because they’re friendly with Ben. It certainly beats Matt’s last appearance in the Super Bowl ad, when he tried to convince the brothers to invest in crypto. Remember, Tom Brady also did a Super Bowl commercial for FTX a few years ago. happy times. Dunkin’ is a safer bet.

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