Billie Eilish responds to comments about artists releasing variations of vinyl albums

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billie eilish He has spoken out amid recent backlash over environmental criticism of artists making multiple vinyl editions of their albums.

The 22-year-old singer took to Instagram to deny that she has been “putting anyone out” recently. Board After the interview many fans speculated that the criticism was objective. Taylor Swift,

“Okay, it would be great if people stopped putting words in my mouth and actually read what I said in that Billboard article,” she wrote in her Instagram Story.

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Billie Eilish has responded to recent comments about unsustainable artist practices. (Getty)

She added, “I wasn’t singling out anyone, these are industry-wide systemic issues. And when it comes to variants, many artists release them – including me! Which I made clear in the article.” It is clearly stated.”

“The climate crisis is here and now [sic] We are all part of the problem and trying to do better,” Eilish concluded, adding a link to the original article.

The bad man The singer’s response comes after she faced criticism for highlighting the unsustainable practices of artists creating ‘waste’ vinyl to boost album sales.

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billie eilish
The singer responded to the backlash on Instagram. (Instagram)

talking to BoardEilish said it was “really disappointing” to see “some of the biggest artists in the world making 40 different vinyl packages that have a different unique thing in them so you keep buying more.”

“It sucks, and it’s disturbing to me that we’re still at the point where you care too much about your numbers and you care too much about making money — and it’s at the expense of your There are all the favorite artists who are doing it,” she said. Added.

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taylor swift net worth graphic

A look at Taylor Swift’s huge global influence in numbers

Many fans on X (formerly Twitter) immediately suggested that Eilish was talking specifically about Taylor Swift, who has announced Four vinyl variants for her upcoming album,

Swift has unveiled four alternative versions of her album Tortured Poets Departmenteach of which features different cover art and an exclusive bonus track.

taylor swift eraz tour
Many fans thought Eilish was talking about Taylor Swift in her interview. (Instagram)

cruel Summer the singer announced his The fourth and final vinyl edition in their Singapore Eraz Tour show called last month black Dog.

“This is 100% about Taylor Swift! With those different 1-2 songs per vinyl,” someone said.

However, others pointed out that it was not specifically Swift that Eilish could have addressed, pointing out that several big artists have also recently joined the vinyl trend.

Ariana Grande, who released six vinyl variants for her 2024 album eternal Sunshineand Olivia Rodrigo, who has four CourageWere brought in the comments section.

“Everyone is looking at Taylor when we’ve seen artists like Ariana, Olivia etc do the exact same thing. So let’s not point any fingers…” one person said.

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