Big stars urge Lizzo to ‘not quit’ music after her shocking announcement

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singer lizzo When he made the shocking announcement of quitting the industry, he received an outpouring of support, urging him not to give up music. After her announcement, big stars encouraged Lizzo not to leave the music industry.

Big names like Paris Hilton and Queen Latifah rallied against the “About D-Time” singer on social media after she claimed she’s “tired of being dragged down by everyone.”

What did celebs say to Lizzo after she announced she was quitting music?


Lizzo shared the shocking news on her Instagram page that she was saying goodbye to her career, just five years after she burst into the spotlight thanks to her 2019 single “Juice.”

Soon after her post, several celebrities like Queen Latifah and Parrish Hilton topped the list of people who filled the comment sections with words of encouragement.

Hilton commented on the post, saying, “We love you, Queen,” adding a crown and a heart-eyes emoji along with a smiling face.

Meanwhile, Latifah commented, “F—that do you,” seemingly telling Lizzo to not listen to her critics and stay true to herself.

Singer and songwriter Aaliyah Sheffield also commented, “If no one told you today, you are special. If no one has convinced you, you are special “in your own words.” Sometimes, we need to be our own cheerleaders, and if none of these comments help, I hope your own words will help.

Actress Holly Robinson Peete gave Lizzo some advice to help her overcome the outcry that led to her decision to quit.

She said, “Get you a Beyoncé shut-off switch, sister! Find tools and exercises to shut out the noise – it’s possible! All great artists need one especially in this day and age where everyone’s opinions are platformed and magnified. Do not quit!!”

Why did the singer announce her decision to leave music?

Lizzo was seen arriving at BBC Broadcasting House in London

In her post to her 12.1 million followers, Lizzo shared the reason why she has decided to leave music.

The singer wrote, “I’m tired of being dragged along by everyone in my life and on the internet. I just want to make music, make people happy, and help make the world a little better than I found it.

She further added, “I constantly oppose the lies being told about me because of my influence and views… I have been the butt of jokes every time because of how I look… My character has been tarnished by those Isolating people who don’t know me, and disrespecting my name, I didn’t sign up for this—.”

Lizzo then ended the message with the words “I quit” written in capital letters, along with a two-finger peace sign.

Since posting, Lizzo has yet to make any public statement or confirm whether she will actually follow through on her decision amid appeals from various corners.

Fans rally around Lizzo with kind words

lizzo performed today 2022

Apart from celebrities, the singer’s fans were also unhappy with her announcement, with many saying that they were waiting for her next album.

“You are so essential and important,” one person said. Please don’t let them win.”

Another commented, “I don’t know if this helps or not, but you’ve definitely helped me feel more confident and brave enough to post. I think you’re amazing, and it’s unfair how people treat older black women on the internet. You don’t deserve all this, I hope it stops soon.

A third fan wrote, “Never give up. You have inspired and changed the world and I and millions of others love you so much! Rest. But please don’t leave. The world needs you.”

Lizzo is being sued for sexual harassment and creating a hostile environment

Lizzo at the 65th Grammy Awards

Just a day earlier, the singer was criticized by the lawyer for Lizzo’s former backup dancers Ariana Davis, Crystal Williams and Noel Rodriguez, who sued the pop star for allegedly sexually harassing her and creating a hostile work environment.

The attorney, Ron Zambrano, claimed it was “shameful” that Lizzo was booked to perform at President Joe Biden’s fundraiser in New York City.

Zambrano said in an interview, “It is shameful that Lizzo was chosen to headline such an event amid such serious allegations.” newsnation, Per daily Mail. ,Without getting into politics, I can’t imagine why anyone would want Lizzo to represent them in any way, given her reprehensible behavior. This is a very terrible form.”

The lawyer also mentioned that “Lizzo’s coming to reckoning,” referring to the ongoing lawsuit, which a judge ruled last month can move forward.

he denied the allegations

Lizzo at the 51st NAACP Image Awards - Arrival

Part of the allegations made against Lizzo were that she forced dancers to perform sexually abusive acts on naked performers during a visit to an Amsterdam strip club in late February 2023, when the pop star was on tour.

Two dancers, Davis and Williams, were fired from their jobs before the lawsuit was filed. Meanwhile, Rodriguez stepped down voluntarily.

Despite more claims from online users that her attitude towards her entourage is terrible, Lizzo has maintained her innocence amid the allegations.

In one instance, she described the allegations as “false,” “unbelievable” and said “they seem very outrageous.”

He also claimed that former employees “had already publicly acknowledged that they had been told that their behavior on the tour was inappropriate and unprofessional.”

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