Big Beach has secured television rights to Alexandra Tanner’s Vari

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Big Beach has secured television rights to Alexandra Tanner's Vari

Unique:Big Beach, the production company behind Starz life and facebook Sorry for your lossHave acquired television rights to Alexandra Tanner’s debut novel Worry,

Worry Two brother-sister turned roommates, one a 28-year-old media executive, navigating an absurd world on the brink of disaster. The book has been described as a “Seinfeldian” novel of existentialism and brotherhood.

Leslie Arfin, co-creator of the Netflix comedy series Lovewhich starred Gillian Jacobs, has signed on to write the pilot episode with Tanner.

Worry It was released last week by Scribner and was described by the New York Times as “a brilliantly comic novel of young adult angst.”

Set in 2019, it centers on twenty-eight-year-old Jules Gold – anxious, artistically frustrated and Internet-obsessed – who is living alone in the apartment she once shared with the man she thought was her Will marry younger sister. Poppy crashes. Indefinitely. Poppy, a year and a half after a suicide attempt that only Jules knows about, searches for work and meaning in Brooklyn, while Jules spends her days hate-scrolling a feed of Mormon mom bloggers and waiting for life to happen. Spends in.

Then the hives that have troubled Poppy since childhood flare up. Jules’ uterus turns against her. Poppy brings home a dislocated rescue dog named Amy Klobuchar. The girls’ mother, a newly devout Messianic Jew, begins to fall into conspiracy theories just like Jules’s online mothers. Jules, half-heartedly struggling to access the source of her wisdom, gently and cruelly blames Poppy for her inadequacies as a friend, a writer, and a sister. And Amy Klobuchar may have rabies. As the year winds down and a new decade approaches, a disastrous trip to Florida forces Jules and Poppy – comrades, competitors, constant fixtures in each other’s lives – to ask themselves why. How do they want their future to be, and whether they’ll spend it together or apart.

The series was created by Tim Foley and Michael B. Big Beach. Will be executive produced by Clarke. Zoe Levin will be the creative executive for Big Beach.

Big Beach is known for its indie films little Miss Sunshine and ruth nega-fronted Dear, It was also produced A beautiful day in the neighborhoodLulu Wang’s the farewellstarring ben kingsley Jules And Amber Seeley’s out of my mind apart from the series life And Sorry for your loss.

Alexandra Tanner said, “I can’t wait to share Jules and Poppy’s devilishly competitive, deeply intertwined dynamics with new audiences – imagine of concern Purgatorial dread and spiralistic, sororal frenzy, as an episodic series with Leslie and the Big Beach team, has been the true pinnacle of my time on Earth so far.

Big Beach’s Tim Foley said, “We fell in love with Alexandra’s eccentric voice from the first sentence, and we couldn’t stop laughing as these modern girls navigated their way toward adulthood and family in New York City. The book somehow manages to be completely original and familiar simultaneously. The show will be about a dysfunctional family and big important themes: competition, identity, the search for meaning. It’ll also be about getting stoned with your sister and staring at the Internet for so long you think you’re your ex.”

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