Beta Cinema posts pre-sales of Goebbels biopic ‘Fuhrer and Seducer’

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Unique: Beta Cinema by Joachim A. Major regional pre-sales for Lange’s Joseph Goebbels biopic unveiled leader and seducer Ahead of its market premiere at EFM this week.

The company has produced productions in Spain (A Contracorriente), Portugal (Films4U), Scandinavia (Miss Label), Benelux (Dutch Film Works), Czech Republic (Donart Film), former Yugoslavia (Discovery), Japan (AT Entertainment) and Australia and New Zealand (Moving Story). Entertainment).

The Wild Bunch will release the film in German-speaking territories.

leader and seducer Follows Goebbels in his final seven years as Adolf Hitler’s propaganda minister.

While Hitler is at the height of his power, Goebbels is the creator of images of flag-waving crowds and the anti-Semitic films “Jud Sus” and “Der Eweige Jude”, inciting the German people to commit mass murder of Jews. ,

The play follows Goebbels as he attempts to drum up continued support for the war as Nazi Germany’s fortunes decline following their defeat at Stalingrad in early 1943, up to his final days in Hitler’s bunker where he lives with his six children. He was planning the murder of and his own suicide along with his wife.

Leader and Seducer Zitsprung Pictures

summer storm And boat Actor Robert Stadlober, who can be seen in this year’s Berlinale Panorama headliner Andrea got a divorceStars as Goebbels.

Austrian actor Fritz Karl (Small Industries Service Institute) co-starred as Adolf Hitler and Franziska Weiss (Flock, Stations of the Cross) also features in the cast as his wife Magda Goebbels.

Based on the latest historical research, the film deconstructs Goebbels’s deadly propaganda machine and how he created the images, speeches and film sequences that have become part of the frame of reference when discussing the Third Reich and the Shoah.

Director and screenwriter Lang, whose credits include award-winning features Mac the Knife – Brecht’s Threepenny Film (2019) and george (2013), say that the fictional retelling of how Goebbels operated and the role his propaganda played in shaping events has contemporary resonance.

“I hope that viewers will emotionally experience the insidiousness of the propaganda and therefore understand the real danger more strongly than would be possible in documentary form,” he explains.

“The world is unraveling, many countries are in danger of following incendiary leaders and seducers, today’s rogues who deceive by any means, endangering democracy and human rights. What happened is not dead, it is not gone, it haunts us, haunts us if we choose to ignore it. This is why our film is so important. With my work and all my energy, I want to contribute to what is most important: that what happened should never happen again.”

Thomas Weber, Professor of History and International. Affairs at the University of Aberdeen and visiting fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University, film historical advisor.

He says of the feature: “The film deconstructs Goebbels more effectively than the documentary format, as the documentary easily preys on the audio-visual legacy left by Nazi propagandists. Joachim Lange ended Goebbels’ Nazi propaganda undermining and trivializing without minimizing the responsibility of millions of Germans for the crimes of the Third Reich.

The film features several real-life witnesses to the consequences of Goebbels’s propaganda, such as Berlin-born Holocaust survivor Margot Friedlander, who survived the Theresienstadt camp but lost her mother, father, and brother at Auschwitz.

“The film really touched me – it’s very important, because what happened can happen again so quickly. People can be tricked and deceived so easily. The danger begins when people do not respect other people. Everyone should be aware of the danger and be careful. Only those who are aware of the danger of temptation can consciously deal with all the effects of the media. We must stand up for our democracy and freedom and maintain respect for every single person.

Charlotte Knobloch, former chairwoman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, says: “leader and seducer A masterpiece, we only wonder why it wasn’t made ten or twenty years ago. The light it sheds on historical figures of the Nazi era opens up a new and challenging perspective for the audience – as it also demands reflection on oneself.

leader and seducer Produced by Til Derrenbach and Michael Sauvignier for Zeitsprung Pictures, the company behind the popular Netflix series cleo And Oktoberfest: Beer and Blood and multiple award-winning biopics dear thomas,

It is co-produced with Sandra Dujmovic (SWR), Maya Spol.sro and Act/HQ and was funded by the Federal Government’s Commissioner for Culture and Media, the DFFF German Film Promotion Fund, the MFG and the Slovak Audiovisual Fund.

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